July 05, 2013

1) “Lest Romance Die” – a bizarre new, two-pager from Rick Grimes (panel excerpt below) can be found in Dire McCain’s PARAPHILIA: TRASUMANAR (December 2012). As always, a free download of this mag is available via the PARAPHILIA website at: http://www.paraphiliamagazine.com. Exclusive comments by Rick G. regarding his latest twisted tale are available via: Stories (Pub’d ’09-‘012).

Lest Romance Die site page header

Artwork: “Lest Romance Die” (panel excerpt, as featured in 2012’s PARAPHILIA: TRASUMANAR, Dire McCain) © 2012, Rick Grimes.

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2) New Grimes blog entries: FOOFNY NOOF: 8/30/12 – 10/15/12 – 10/31/12 – 11/29/12 – 12/30/12 – 12/31/12 – 1/30/13 – 1/31/13 + GRIMESART: ‘Jarjemayne’ drw 5/12 ‘013 ~18 ink 23 {See Blogs list…}


3) Link to Rick’s 1987/’09 poem “Blood of the Corn Kings”, as featured in La Bouche #3 (2009) {The original online magazine link still ‘not found’ as of 9/’015. So read it here on this site}. –rg

January 01, 2013

1)  2013 beginneth with a bang!: “The Excursion” > a right ‘nutty’ new two-pager from Rick (panel excerpt below), now up in Dire McCain’s PARAPHILIA: TAGADA (April 2012). As always, a free download of this top-notch art/fiction mag is available via the PARAPHILIA website: http://www.paraphiliamagazine.com. + exclusive comments from Rick regarding his mad new creation(s) found here: STORIES….

 The Excursion  pg 1 of 2 crop

Artwork: “The Excursion” (panel excerpt, as featured in PARAPHILIA: TAGADA, Dire McCain) © 2012, Rick Grimes.

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2)  Noo Foofny Noof foo yoo to voo?  http://foofnynoof.blogspot.com


3)  A li’l Grimes love found elsewhere online these past some months [*those not since deleted]:

= http://streetlifeedinburgh.wordpress.com/2012/07/08/comic-times/ [towards end of blog post]:

“Skipping over to the dark side for a moment, these books are pretty dark bordering on offensive and starred a favourite surreal artist/writer Rick Grimes. I got these guys form artist friend Colin Dunbar … Rick Grimes was a stand-out for his short story about syrup and eggs – two guys discuss how they will maim the other if one put syrup in their eggs. I had to find more: “GLYCEROUS AQUARIUM FOOTSTOOL”, “BREATHING IS FOR SISSIES” … This was the ultimate experience for me at the time for surreal comic book artwork.”

+ https://twitter.com/VinceBon/statuses/238234145640284161:

“Rick Grimes’ Puzz Fundles. Oh, how I love those stories.”

*{both still there as of 2/18/015}

August 21, 2012

More news for August ’12: “Go Try Ta Be ‘Normal'” – another new, two-pager from Rick (panel excerpt below) now appears in Jim Lopez & Ty Gorton’s Antique Children – A Mischievous Literary Arts Journal web site’s (AQC BOOKS) June 2012 publication, KINGDOM FREAKS & OTHER DIVINE WONDERS. The book is now available to purchase from http://www.antiquechildren.com/kingdomfreaks.html, (low res) page samples of which (Rick’s comic in full, plus others…) are viewable by following the linked page’s ‘Preview’ button. To read Rick’s comments regarding this new story, or for more information in general, please see the PUBLISHED IN… or STORIES sections.

GO TRY TA BE 'NORMAL'  Page 2 crop

Artwork: “Go Try Ta Be ‘Normal'” (panel excerpt, as featured in KINGDOM FREAKS & OTHER DIVINE WONDERS, Jim Lopez & Ty Gorton) © 2012, Rick Grimes.

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– And… some random (?) “good freak viddy”, courtesy of Rick G. [of Mr. Earl “Snake Hips” Tucker] =



[“Earl ‘Snakehips’ Tucker (1905 – 1937) became known as the “Human Boa Constrictor” after the dance he popularized in Harlem in the 1920s called the “snakehips (Dance)”. He built his reputation by exhibiting his odd style of dance, which involved a great deal of hip motion. The snakehips dates back to southern plantations before emancipation. Tucker would make it appear that he was as flexible as a snake, and eventually the dance became his calling card.” — Wiki.

August 08, 2012

1) Rick Grimes and burgeoning British cartoonist Vincent Wright (‘Banci’) have created a new, ongoing comic strip titled “Dabs Darnko” at http://dabs-darnko.blogspot.co.uk/. Comments from Rick and Vincent regarding this project can be read via this here fan site’s new WRITINGS page [see highlight].

donkey strip crop

All characters, names, and strip ‘Dabs Darnko’ © 2012, Vince Wright. Dialogue & story titles © Grimes.

GRIMES: [Excerpted – see above link for more] “… I’ve been writing strips for my friend and fellow cartoonist, Vince Wright to draw and ink. He’s been good enuff to use all my words down to the last letter, and is chugging along with them on a sometimes weekly basis, so read ’em while they’re nice ‘n’ fresh. There will be more, as he’s willing an’ able. (Give ‘im a break, he’s not a machine!) …” –RG [5/30/’012]

WRIGHT: [Excerpted]“… I asked Rick [Grimes] if he would be up for writing a weekly strip for me (we have collaborated on other projects before), to which he said yes. Its funny really though as I never really liked animal cartoons when I was preteen except maybe for the criminal insanity of Daffy Duck or amphetamine drive of Speedy Gonzales …” –Vince Wright [7/2012]


2) FOOFY NOOF: 6/19/12 / 6/30/12 / 7/19/12 / 8/1/12 + GRIMES ART: drw 2/6 i 4/9;12 ‘012

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June 19, 2012

1) Some news: A new two-pager from Rick is out: “Kitmonex: One More Slip…” (panel excerpt below), as seen in Dire McCain & D.M. Mitchell’s latest, PARAPHILIA: HYPOKEIMENON. As usual, a free download of this mag is available via the PARAPHILIA website: http://www.paraphiliamagazine.com. Exclusive comments (w/ scanned notes) from Rick regarding this story can found via the same link.

KITMONEX pg 1 pnl crop

Artwork: “Kitmonex: One More Slip…” (panel excerpt, as featured in PARAPHILIA: HYPOKEIMENON, Díre McCain & D.M. Mitchell) © 2012, Rick Grimes.

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2) Since this fansite’s last news post (25 Jan.), Rick’s several art, writing, and ‘other’ blogs have seen several new additions [see Blogs(list)].


3) This illustration (below) had previously greeted visitors on the HOME/ABOUT page {see what we changed it to here…}:


Artwork: ©2010 Rick Grimes

{The characters now have their own subpage…}.


– And… some completely unrelated (?) visual + audio randomness to sign off this update, courtesy of Rick G. [of artist Jim Blashfield] =

BUNNYHEADS (2007) (Based upon sculptures and drawings by Christine Bourdette).

+ VANITY (2010)

[“Jim Blashfield is an American filmmaker and media artist, best known for his short films such as Suspicious Circumstances and The Mid-Torso of Inez, and his music videos for musicians Talking Heads, Joni Mitchell, Nu Shooz, Paul Simon, Peter Gabriel, Michael Jackson, Tears for Fears, “Weird Al” Yankovic and Marc Cohn. … Recent films include …SuctionMaster,…and The Tasseled Loafers…” — Wiki.]

January 25, 2012

1) ‘Sicky Claws’ cookies (1982??) [comments from Rick G. below]:



– Photo © 2011, Rick Grimes.

GRIMES:  “A bit too late for Christmas, but in moving some things last night, I finally found  my father’s photos—taken with the same old, leather cased, knob winder he used  to take our handsful of family photos—of these cookies. Dough & baking by me ma, but I shaped ’em and ‘iced the mother’s’.

Left to right: a rather baffled, blue eyed Sicky Claws, Weird Dick, and Nudolph the  Naked Reindeer, (tho here well coated in brown icing, complete with pink ‘nips’ &  eye veins). Bon appetit!”  —RG 1/18/’012

2)  And, here’s four more GRIMES ART blog illos to ‘squizz’:
43 – seen in sunlight on plastic bag 10/25/’011
44 – 2″ ballpoint sketch 7/28/1989
45 – drw 9/28 ’91; ink 1/17/’012
46 – ‘Tobald’ drw10/28/’011 i1/19/’012

… Also: Rick has added one more FOOFNY NOOF comic panel (since initial ‘panel’ posting) to his new ‘Foofny’ blog: http://foofnynoof.blogspot.com/.

3) Rick’s Weird Dick & The Professor, and Sickly Claws and Puzz Fundles characters related site pages have now been grouped here* as follows:


“Daymares” (1976)

“Daymares” character drawings

“Weird Dick and The Professor” (1976)

Kubert Art School 1977 letterhead assignment

Kubert Art School 1977 book assignment

Kubert Art School 1977 wash assignment

“Head Chez” (1981)

“Stinely Stellwick – That Mahogany Chickenhead” (1981) w/ sketches


1966/67 childhood drawing feat. Mudda Mudda

“Sicky Claws Conquers The Weird Dicks” (1981)

“Cow Sow” biscuit dough from 1982

‘Sicky Claws’ cookies (1982??)

“Neurotic Expiations In A Nut’s Hell” B&W original (1986)

“Neurotic Expiations In A Nut’s Hell” color (1986)

“Maniac Island” (1986)

“The Puzz Fundles” (1984-86) {cameos}

“Ladies Items” feat. Mudda Mudda (1994)

1997 tooled leather of Nudolph


Puzz Fundles sketches by Rick from 1982

The Puzz Fundles (1984-86)

proto GOOZLE cover (1990)

“Meemo in The Bum’s Rush” (1999)

“Too Many Thripeys” (2009)

*{These page headings were formerly next to their now defunct site pages on the parent website, all courtesy of Ryan. The titles are now, instead, live links to the new pages, should you find yourself in the vicinity of this update. Also note that Puzz Fundles, and Weird Dick (WD & Prof) now have their own main headings in the drop down bar. Sicky’s may all be found via the Art or Unpub’d lists}. –rg 2/12/015


– And… random. fun. bonus. viddy. gander (yet again). NOW! (courtesy of me > RH) =


lurch[‘Lurch’: “This towering mute has been shambling around the house forever…He is not a very good butler but a faithful one…One eye is opaque, the scanty hair is damply clinging to his narrow flat head…generally the family regards him as something of a joke.” — The Addams Family creator Charles Addams]