TRUE GRUE: Grue Love

GRUE LOVE (TABOO #9, 1995) 

Grue Love pg 1

Grue Love pg 2

Grue Love pg 3

Artwork: “Grue Love” (as featured in TABOO #9,
Kitchen Sink Press) ©1995, Rick Grimes.

GRIMES: “Numerically last, Grue Love sore thumbs its way into the banquet spread of TABOO, a bizarre and ‘curious-tasting’ combination snack.

“It’s all true and direct as the title says. The approach to their miseries is a frivolous one. But, even as parody, it’s still more mercy than the victims got at the hands, (or hams), of their killers.

“By far, the worst of the latter, is the infamous ‘Dr’. Palmer [*William Palmer (1824-1856), unnamed in Rick’s story], a long term, premeditated schemer of the worst type. Conscienceless. I could not do him sufficient injustice with cartoons or serve up enough of life’s actual, ever unknown details.

“Generally I avoid such true tales. My style isn’t geared to it. And seat-of-the-pants, one-use ‘characters’ required as substitutes, in lieu of any photographs for reference, don’t appeal to me.

“On rereading: ‘spiffier’ than remembered, it still makes me laugh.” — Rick Grimes (December 22nd, 2008).

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