The Excursion


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Artwork: “The Excursion” (panel excerpt, as featured in PARAPHILIA: TAGADA, Dire McCain) © 2012, Rick Grimes.

RG: “Those that have or will read ‘The Time Piece’, my story in issue XIII, can see that the principal here is it’s closeted figure. As indicated in my former comments, it’s a natural extension of the character–the sort of minor adventure available to such a being, attached as he is to the slothlike ‘clock’ on the wall. But, it’s no sequel really.

I mean, it was easy for me to picture him in the hallway. And thereafter there’s not much he could get up to with a few feet of tissue tubing dragging him back. But, all good enuff for a little quickie of a tale. As rendered, more like a children’s story. Definitely a different narrator; not the same as the voice telling about the time piece.

There is a standard little creative no no that goes about: don’t spoil the mystery by telling too much. With movie fx I’d agree–I don’t care atall for seeing how some things are done. And with my own stories I do try to err on the side of saying less about some character or bit of business. Especially in the stories themselves. Often my desire to blab it all can get the better of me.

Maybe it’s a bit soon for me to’ve told more about the ‘testicular tot’. He is more intriguing, by knowing next to nothing about him, in the first story. On the other hand, ‘that’ narrator probably still doesn’t know anything new about him at all. And either story can still be effective either way. In fact, next, I may expand on the clomping guy. Not sure just what the rest of him looks like though…” — Grimes 12/31/’012


(pgs 180, 181)

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