The Request

THE REQUEST (2010) (AQC-DUENDE-AQC Vol.1 No.2, 2010)

Borges in my 2 pager

Artwork: “The Request” (panel excerpt, as featured in DUENDE {AQC Vol. 1 No. 2}, Jim Lopez & Ty Gorton) 2010, Rick Grimes.

GRIMES: “All new story. My [Jorge Luis] Borges tribute. The chupacabras and possible meet with Hive Baby (reduced by me to a mere phone call), suggested by publisher Jim Lopez. (Also, hence the title).

El Ciclon’s “one, loco, monster movie” appearance was in Red Riding Hood and the Monsters. The name was changed to protect the ridiculous.

My 2nd paper print appearance since coming online.” –RG Oct.1, 2010.

– THE REQUEST (2010):
{Link still live, to Duende pdf preview, page one only, but scroll to bottom for (quite reasonable) purchasing info. Page two is dandy, too, so please buy it! Or El Ciclon will be dispatched to sweatily sit on you!!}. –rg 12/25/014

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