5) The ‘H’ mags


“Heredity” (Hyena #2, 1992) ~ ahhh,  family…
“GIRLILLA” (Hyena #4, 1993) ~ domestic animals…
“SQUOD” (Heavy Metal, Vol. 18 #3 (1994) ~ the eyes have it…
“PILLS FOR MISS BETSY” (The Starry Wisdom, 1994) {HPL} ~ an isolated troll swept into stifling cycles of strangeness…

{The heading, ‘H’ mags, is an arbitrary one for the odds and ends published outside of any of the other groupings. No one called them that at the time, nor did I. It’s either this or some other sort of confusion for the drop down list. They were at least close in time, tho the first three one pagers have more in common with each other than they do the last story. My apologies if it causes some extra bit of trouble finding them. But, take it up with WordPress. I’m a (mostly well taken care of) prisoner of their free themes}. –rg 2/’015

<Art (’76-’95)

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