New stuff

A heads up on new ‘adds’ you might not run into for awhile by chance…

See the nascent Unpub’d, too page, as well as expansions on the previously rather spare Clem Clambeau and other Rare Bits Fiend posts; Clotto Clabber art…Facebook transfers but w/ all new text; ‘Man’s Best Friend  full story added, why for, text additions, name origin; PDQ minor text addition, with an illo I forgot (also Lost) from Taboo #8;

Heredity text; Wirtham’s letter excerpt;

Puzz kid’s pics; previously unshown Poodles excerpts and more background; a few changes to Influences various sections;

A static, tho link ready Site Index page for those not in the mood for the drop down’s pot luck. {Still in progress}.

The former site’s Comments page, where friends and strangers wax & wane about yours truly can now be found under Who???/Some folks say… moved to avoid potential confusion with WordPress’s individual page/post comments function. Two comments have been added, one at the top of the scroll, and another way down, found recently but initially posted years ago in an Amazon review. More will come eventually, so do check in from time to time.

The former Links list, to other websites, has been moved and is now under the Recommended heading. {Also still in progress}.

More descriptive paragraphs have been added to The Bromomaniaks page.

Various new and old text pieces will continually be added to the Writing section–it scarcely had gotten off the ground before the parent site’s end. It’s still a bit skimpy right now, but I know what’s coming, so be sure and check it out again some day in your ‘netly romps.

Cactus Water, one of my longest comic stories to date, is finally back. As with a handful of other items, there have been certain snags in getting them reposted. This one needed some sort of modification in my comments. I’ve lately, as they say on reality TV, ‘enhanced’ those remarks that originally ran in Taboo #3 (which can still be found here). Also don’t overlook the intro pic.

I’ve at last added scans of the initial Puzz Fundles series in black & white for those who’d like to get an idea what the line work is like without the color.

Please check out the Weird Dick cameos page. These are all minute appearances of my character by & in the comics of others. Four more have been added that never made it onto the former site’s news scroll. And all are together now, on this new page.

<‘Walk’ about

Let me know your impressions... !

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