Kriturz : some further words…


“To find out a smidge more about Fred Greenberg’s Omnibus click again here and scroll to the bottom. My ‘contribution’ while not omitted has been posted, once again, reluctantly, at first to this page, for the mere fact I don’t wanna look at it all the time myself. (But I don’t have to click on ’em).

My ‘hard’ feelings in no way involve Fred, who was always kind to me and generous to all of us in taking on such projects, but relate only to my own images. I am certainly not discouraging anyone from seeking out copies, or enjoying whatever they wish in them.

My art from it, however, which I sometimes detest and find embarrassing to look at, I deem worthy of the junk yard and, at first, symbolically cast it aside here, to the jaunty little trash heap for this site. Since I’m soloing now as fmehditor I feel I’m under no obligation to be kind to myself or celebrate what i consider a squandered opportunity back then that i clearly wasn’t up to. Modest as that venue might look to others these days.

To be fair, some may not realize such inclusions may arise quite randomly. The two culprits on this occasion were just junk I happened to be doing, im/purely on my own ‘steam’. I was quite fragmented at the time, for reasons I won’t go into, and truly had my head in so many cuisinarts I did well to know where I was even at from day to day.

Had I had the real sense to see my way clear to produce something dandier, I would have done so.


The first one was a bona fide–and a bit fried–attempt at something Wolvertonesque. To say I’m no good at that, well, most of us aren’t. Basil was one of a kind. Maybe it’s just the eyes and fangs remind me of a few terrible moments skirting the edges of reality. Moments I prefer not to taste again. There are those creatures who would like nothing better than to chew on us on the way down the chasm.

I actually do still love the logo on the second one. It was an exercise in balance, literally, at a time when plain and simple satisfactions were eluding me. But the picture below it was merely a half hearted scratch board twiddle almost immediately abandoned. [I hated that type of board’s texture]. In fact, it had nothing to do with the logo art (if I still had the original, I could prove this to myself), which was attached to it later. Plus which, those few lines are nothing more than a variation on a mole painting from The Golden Book of Mammals, my father’s copy we had about as children. Turned upside down. Groan. The verbiage is just typical of word multimatings cracking throo my mind, then as now, tho it’s generally best to leave those to simmer and percolate more before appending to any art piece.

‘If only I’d tried harder…or at all‘…’If dog rabbit’…’Wish in one hand’…Well, in the scheme of things, they aren’t really that bad. So, back they go. To their right place in my ‘oover’. And to satisfy any readers of the former fansite who expect ’em to be there. Why should I be the only artist allowed a pass: ‘don’t look at this one…all the others are okay, but not these…’??

I guess every artist winds up with something or other they’d simply rather not ever see again. A craven hiccup of odious visage chasing them down the corridor of their hopefully rosier future. These are mine.” –Grimes 9/25/’014 & 10/20/’014

{Most of the above text was initially posted in place of my two Kriturz pages and their original site text, which were placed here in the ‘Xtraneous’ heading. Other than a bit of tweaking, the three paragraphs before the closing lines were added today, a month later, and the Kriturz page restored, vicey versey}. –rg 10/20



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