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Artwork: “Lest Romance Die” (panel excerpt) (as featured in PARAPHILIA: TRASUMANAR, Dire McCain) © 2012, Rick Grimes.

GRIMES: “I thought of The Buslochis (Boo-SLOW-cheez {or Boo-SLOCK-eez if you prefer}) sometime back in the mid ’90s I believe–there were never any notes for them then–as a take off of the rather annoying Monchhichis, whose toy jingle had seared itself into my memory.

Monchhichis with bibs

“I saw the tufted girly and co-bebibbed boy monkey beings as adults in a soap opera, tho when it came to shove for this story I fell upon one of those old ’50s romance comics I got in a cheap miscellaneous stack at a local gun show I went to as a boy, where my father sold holsters he’d made. I’d never even read it before using it here.

The comic so happened to be called My Personal Problem #1 (1955), by the Ajax company, and was full of rather fraught ridden stories, typically uncredited. I was sort of bowled over by one panel, among others I used as reference, where the lovin’ couple, supposedly seated in the front seat of an automobile appear liplocked in an impossible position like they’d have to be in only if standing, in the car, with its door at least six feet tall.

My Personal Problem

“Not being a true afficionado of these sorts of comics, I’ve nonetheless run into my share of them, like all of us artist/fans. And also being truly fond of collages or parodies of same, such as the ‘replacement text’ angle of 2001’s Truer Than True Romance by Jeanne Martinet, or Carol Lay’s Irene in her completely original Good Girls, I went for my own roughish take on it.

Truer Than True Romance (2001)Good Girls #3

“The first page is best. I tend to lose interest quickly and the tension in my art sort of dissipates by this second page. How those old guys stayed with it is beyond me.

But I did try to put a joke in every panel as my couple, The Buslochis, are so enrapt they scarcely know what time of day it is, or who or what is nearby.

A few of the lines, such as ‘the back seat’ one, were culled from a couple of old crime mellers that happened to be on cable the same afternoon I was writing my text. The one cited was from Peggy Castle grousing about John Payne’s crummy cab driving job.

Most of all that was tweaked one way or another. As was the limerick at the end, which I found online.

But many lines are my own, of course: ‘your volume exceeds my capacity’, the ‘tricorner hat’ memory, and so on. Call me sentimental.

Anyhow, I hope someone out there enjoys it. Someday I’ll likely do ’em up in that ‘soap opera’. Except that would mean watching some of them…” –RG (7/2/’013)

LEST ROMANCE DIE (2012): http://www.paraphiliamagazine.com/2012.html

(pgs 184, 185)


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