Art (Pub’d ’76-’95)


“I wouldn’t call it a career, unless filling out a form. Am more of a ‘perpetual flounderer’. My published work is a trail of oversized bread crumbs — some toasted, some corn, (some with a ‘freaky’ inside). A tablecloth of unnoticeable patterns ‘twixt and between. If it weren’t for the efforts of friends there wouldn’t be much of a trail. That said…” Rick Grimes (December 22, 2008).


Early comics…

“Weird Dick and The Professor” (Manticore #1, 1976)
“Another Duck” (The Journal Of Popular Culture, 1976)
ELLY + “The Seed of Shock” (text) (Parade of Gore #1, 1977)
“Kriturz” (Omnibus #1 & #2, 1978)
“Head Chez” (Third Rail #1, 1981)


Kidhood characters re-emerge…

“Sicky Claws Conquers the Weird Dicks” (Dr. Wirtham’s Comix & Stories #7/8, 1982)
“The Puzz Fundles” (The One #1 – 6, 1984 – 1986)
“Maniac Island” (Dr. Wirtham’s Comix & Stories #10, 1987)


for Larry Loc…

“Glycerous Aquarium Footstool”  (Dog*Star Funnies #1, 1987) {xerox zines}
“Under the Rug”  (Dog*Star Funnies #2, 1991)  plus various images in both



sick animal, “Hell’s Toupee”’, “Numbleschitz”, ELLY  (Taboo #2, 1989)
“Cactus Water”  (Taboo #3, 1989)
“These Things Happen”  (Taboo #4, 1990)
“Akimbo”  (Taboo #5, 1991)
‘Glycerous…Footstool’  [reprint] (Taboo Especial, 1991)
“Dolly & Withtina”  (Taboo #6, 1992)
“Breathing Is For Sissies”  (Taboo #7, 1992)
President ‘Doosh’ Quimby: “Black Butterflies”  (Taboo #8, 1995)
“Grue Love”  (Taboo #9, 1995)                 See also this ‘almost was’…


‘H’ mags…

“Heredity” (Hyena #2, 1992) {comics magazine}
“Girlilla” (Hyena #4, 1993) {comics magazine}
“Squod” (Heavy Metal, Vol. 18 – #3, 1994) {glossy mag…you know the one}
“Pills For Miss Betsy” (The Starry Wisdom, 1994) [HPL] {book}

Veitch’s dream comic…

“Frickles” (Rare Bit Fiends #2, 1994) {standard b&w comic…}
“Clutch Angel” (Rare Bit Fiends #4, 1994) {…aging fast, folks…}
“The Caramel” (Rare Bit Fiends #12, 1995) {…as are we all…}
“Clem Clambeau” (Rare Bit Fiends #21, 1996) {..none in V.’s collections.}
“Penny Boo”(Rare Bit Fiends #21, 1996) [added to letters page] {“}


 {NOTE: THE ABOVE LIST UP TO THIS POINT REPRESENTS ART REPUBLISHED HERE IN TOTO (“Toto, too?” “Yes, Toto, too.”). As with the parent site, with the assumption of its relative unavailability. For those valiant, depraved souls who do wish to seek them out…Major Hint: paper}. –RG 10/16/’014
After a hiatus with no opportunities to see print, and several years of family calamities spattered with continued creativity, I worked with my then new Aussie pal, Ryan H. to create the parent site (’08-‘014) containing much of the work listed here throughout. I obtained my first computer and was up and running in February 2009. See the list of those subsequent stories here!


Let me know your impressions... !

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