March 2015 

1) “My Puzz comic (for the much revamped Goozle #1) is rolling along in cont’d progress, ie pages 7 & 8, the final two of the second story (of three) which will run in the back, have been given their final white outs.


Artwork: A ‘teaser’ panel from another new Puzz Fundles story, “Mudda, Mudda!” © 2016 Rick Grimes

“To catch up on the Puzz Fundles and their feckless affairs of olde, just click to their own in site page. Other newly added goodies await you there already.

2) “For those that may have missed it, or who like or need reference (as i do), The Wayback Machine saved a working replica of the old fansite !!  Thanks to its founder, my pal and former cohort, Ryan Heslin, for discovering it and pointing me there. ”
–RG 3/18/016

February 2015

“My friend, (and fellow Kubert School guinea pig–2nd year class) Larry Loc has a nifty booklet available on Amazon, as of about a year ago (2014), but only lately found by Ryan H. and passed along to me. Frere Loc included a brief line by me, as a plug, so I figure it’s never too late to plug it again here.

“It’s Larry’s clay tribute to a perhaps lesser known Lovecraft piece. Check it out.” –RG 3/25/’016

{Other similar books have been added by Larry since. Find them here:  –rg 9/’016}.

December 2014

“After keeping my hand in, some months, on eight single critter pics, art only visible in my Facebook album, last month and this I’ve inked pages 2 throo 5 of the aforesaid Puzz Fundles story. An eight pager featuring this character, altogether minus the nurse garb, Mudda Mudda.

Also had to change modems and lost the last of our old rotary dials. C’est la phon.

The string and oatmeal box just couldn’t take it anymore.”

— Rick Grimes 3/18/016

October 2014

“My first computer crash,  Halloweeneen.

Obviously old new news, else i couldn’t be posting it this date.

And, no, I didn’t lose too much, ultimately. (Thanks to Ryan, WeTransfer, and a cloud service).

A tip, tho’: don’t leave email in your Inbox. At least move it to ‘Local Folders’!”  –rg  3/016

July 2014

“Transfer from the founding website tentatively begins, to this here one right before you.

There wasn’t much sense in posting the unfortunate news there, thence. Besides, as can be garnered from immediately previous posts, we were behind on art & personal news as well.

And soon to be locked out of the host program in any case.

All that can be said about the old site’s disappearance has already been said here on the ‘Walk’ about pages.

Hoping this site lasts awhile longer than its sire.”  –rg 3/8/’016

May 2014

“Page one of my Puzz comic’s second (but closing) story all but completed. It was good to land on my feet right after finishing the previous one, and start the next. But, loved it so much, I sort of froze up for a few months. It happens.

You wonder how it emerges out of you at all. And if you can do as well again.

I dunno, but I’ll give it my best.”

{Read on, a few posts along}. –rg 3/18/016

March 2014

“I began another new Puzz Fundles story, as a marker test, in the spring of 2012, two & three the only pages then ‘completed’.

At the general invitation in August, 2013 of hizzonah, Tim Goodyear, who publishes in Portland, Oregon, I decided to complete it, creating the opening page, then four throo six, in the latter months of that year.

It’s finished now (3/31/’014), to the tune of some ten pages (yay!) of what I tried to make some of my better work recently, while pleased to find I’m still capable of it.

It was good to get back to real humor work again. And to try to ink clearly. (Most of the time).

I believe it is quite funny, but of course, that’s a comedic no no to telegraph ahead.

'dust up' pg 4  crop (pnl 4)

Artwork: A sample ‘premise’ panel from “Dust Up in 33Q”, © 2016 Rick Grimes.

  “Sorry, there’s no pages to link to here. They aren’t available yet.

The rest of this all Puzz Fundles comic is still in progress. Or will be soon.

We want to keep it mostly under our hats, in these days of fleeting audience focus, so you’ll just have to wait.

But, please check this news scroll for future related notes.”   — Rick Grimes  3/8/’016

{Another story is indeed complete now. See forthcoming ‘015 post} –rg