March 2nd, 2016

“The singular offshoot of my aforesaid ‘interview’ piece {see prior post}, the day (2/9) it was linked on Fbook, I electrically met Brazilian tattooist and artist, Brix Skwikz (Bruno Areias) and, at his invite, have already completed my first ‘all critter’ mini for him.

He’s nothing if not naturally & contagiously enthusiastic. We got on well immediately, and I look forward to further doings when possible.” -RG

{Still in a holding pattern. News when there is any}. -rg 10/017

February 9th, 2016

“My self interview, generously inspired and induced last month by and for author James Robert Smith (The Living End, Withering, A Confederacy of Horrors, & many others), has been posted to his otherwise cogent blog, Til the Last Hemlock Dies. All at his behest; I will not apologize strongly enough. He only had to ask once, (as few ever do).

It was a kick to write, welled up out of the ‘superficial depths’ of formerly unprodded vanity. One could go on forever on one’s nauseating self.

All credit goes forever to Signor Bob for the idea. However inevitably fleeting the ‘net results in the mutual cosmic ocean.” –RG

{It’s still there, and now also finally posted on this site, in the Q&A section, for that is its obvious form, if a might ‘untrue’ in the literal sense. Where else would it go?}. –rg 10/2/017


September 2015

“My mostly long distance friend of nearly forty years, Ken Feduniewicz, died suddenly after open heart surgery. A sad shock.


“Like me, Ken was one of the first year crowd at Joe Kubert’s art school, eventually publishing my five pager in his Third Rail art zine.

For a spell, he worked production with Steranko, among others. And was a freelance comic colorist for various companies for at least two decades, ’til the pounding for such jobs got to be less than worth the struggle.

In more recent times, he ran a comic store and generated many area comics dealer/fan shows in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Perhaps you knew him.


“We stayed in touch very regularly, despite a coupla thousand miles. And whatever else was happening, he kept an upbeat spin to his often funny mailings & rarer phone calls.

Kenny often sent me care packages, as he called them, of Ackerman monster mags, sundry comics, and whatever odds and ends that weren’t moving, but might hit home.

His well wrought emails, in latter years, meant enough to me that I almost always made an effort to imitate his style in my replies. I was never sure if he realized it.


“We were about eight years apart in age, but shared a wide, common overlap of Amercian junk culture & consumer history from Bugs Bunny to Hugo Headstone.

He could be a might over emphatic in defending the aesthetic turf of his favorite things (aren’t we all?), be they fine art comics of the Frazetta and Wood era, or Eastwood, Leone or Lugosi films among countless other ongoing media whatnots. Time and trendiness tend to plow under all our self-defining faves.


“Feduniewicz could go from appealingly streetwisenheimer chummy to righteous thunder in the flap of a bat wing. But, whenever I could, many times, spark a raucous laugh out of him, I would consider myself greatly satisfied.

I was able to make two personal visits with him in the eighties, to his then Island Heights twice over digs, when he was a generous and amiable host.


“About ten days before his death, I dreamed of him showing me around a sort of idealized New Jersey town, complete with pizza place on the corner, and his prescient nod.

Ten days after his passing, I dreamed he left me with one of those personally apt exit lines that ought to rank with other famous last words or crossover updates:

“Now I can get a decent milkshake!”


“His de facto loyalty, writerly smarts, and bombastic humor have been, are, and will be missed.”  -Rick Grimes 9/12/’016 +’017


Citizen Ken from letter 7 '93

Created by Ken Feduniewicz


Kane wife puzzle

‘Susan Alexander’

{It’s said to be tackily gilding the lily to ‘explain’ jokes. But, to me it’s funnier knowing. I had to check on the (Kane’s wife) puzzle bit myself. Also referenced by Ken in the above: Conrad Hall, the cinematographer on some of the best Outer Limits episodes, conflated with the once more notorious party animal, Gus}. -rg 10/017

>> The gofundme page to help out Ken’s wife is still active… <<


Summer 2015

“It’s still premature, at this date, but one of my old, unpublished stories, Flutchley Nudsel has been accepted by Tim Goodyear (Teenage Dinosaur) for it’s first appearance in one of his small press anthology comics. More news of this will appear here when there is any.” –RG 9/12/’016

March 2015 

1) “My Puzz comic (for the much revamped Goozle #1) is rolling along in cont’d progress, ie pages 7 & 8, the final two of the second story (of three) which will run in the back, have been given their final white outs.


Artwork: A ‘teaser’ panel from another new Puzz Fundles story, “Mudda, Mudda!” © 2016 Rick Grimes

“To catch up on the Puzz Fundles and their feckless affairs of olde, just click to their own in site page. Other newly added goodies await you there already.

2) “For those that may have missed it, or who like or need reference (as i do), The Wayback Machine saved a working replica of the old fansite !!  Thanks to its founder, my pal and former cohort, Ryan Heslin, for discovering it and pointing me there. ”
–RG 3/18/016

February 2015

“My friend, (and fellow Kubert School guinea pig–2nd year class) Larry Loc has a nifty booklet available on Amazon, as of about a year ago (2014), but only lately found by Ryan H. and passed along to me. Frere Loc included a brief line by me, as a plug, so I figure it’s never too late to plug it again here.

“It’s Larry’s clay tribute to a perhaps lesser known Lovecraft piece. Check it out.” –RG 3/25/’016

{Other similar books have been added by Larry since. Find them here:  –rg 9/’016}.

December 2014

“After keeping my hand in, some months, on eight single critter pics, art only visible in my Facebook album, last month and this I’ve inked pages 2 throo 5 of the aforesaid Puzz Fundles story. An eight pager featuring this character, altogether minus the nurse garb, Mudda Mudda.

Also had to change modems and lost the last of our old rotary dials. C’est la phon.

The string and oatmeal box just couldn’t take it anymore.”

— Rick Grimes 3/18/016