Best Out of Two



Best Out of Two  crop

Artwork: “Best Out of Two” (panel excerpt, as featured in DOPPLEGÄNGER {AQC Vol. 1 No. 3}, Jim Lopez & Ty Gorton) 2010, Rick Grimes.

GRIMES: “I’ve never been a visionary in the true religious sense, but I have seen a number of persons, almost always fleetingly, (and with no way to follow up questions later), I wasn’t sure were just ordinary people. Usually enacting small bits of business to illustrate some sort of lesson. Never my own double, tho’. Despite all the other Rick Grimeses out there.

People say ‘doppels’ have black eyes, which I always see in my mind as black eyeballs. So, that’s what i drew. Maybe they only mean their eyes convey an evil mood. Not very good social camouflage for a would be demon, tho.

For those curious about the “trick I’d learned from the late show” in panel two of the second and last page, it’s a reference to the famous funhouse mirror sequence with the fascinating Everett Sloane in The Lady From Shanghai.


Happy with the writing. Don’t care much for the art. Blame it on ‘that other guy’.” — RG (December 15, 2010)

{Only one page of the story is freely visible in the Preview. Please buy the book!}. –rg 1/5/015

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