Penny Boo

PENNY BOO (1993) (RARE BIT FIENDS #21, 1996)


Artwork: “Penny Boo” (as featured in 1996’s RARE BIT FIENDS #21, Rick Veitch & King Hell) © 1993, Rick Grimes.

GRIMES: “A minor piece called, Penny Boo, slipped in with the letters page. The character is reciting a minor dream that wasn’t worth illustrating in itself; he was drawn from a circular spot in the grain of my drawing board that looks like him. Don’t think [Rick] Veitch was crazy about its middling attitude — that one can pursue the whole cycle of a project to completion and ‘still be no happier’. But that was the dream. And you can. My drearier side, granted. I just wanted to try out the character. (It related to something before).” — Rick Grimes (December 22nd, 2008).

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