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WEIRD DICK and The Professor


Artwork: “Weird Dick and the Professor” (as featured in 1976’s MANTICORE #1) © 1976, Rick Grimes.

RICK GRIMES: Weird Dick and the Professor, (as well as it’s five page followup), were set inside the so-called (Baker) Mansion. {the Kubert School}

That was the feel of the steps, especially to the third floor. The place was already built on a hill, so up there, there was a definite extra pull.

The arms in the wall I got from [Jean] Cocteau‘s Beauty and the Beast. But, ‘his arms’ weren’t assaultive, they were helpful candelabra.

Maybe it was my primitive rendering or the barrenness of the rooms, (also a fact of the place then), but no one at the time seemed to notice it was the school.

Ken [Feduniewicz] passed it along to me years later that someone had figured it out.

I had always thought it was obvious to everyone there!

My one big regret, of sorts, with the story is the hackneyed ‘falling body’ bit. Should’ve made them look more like someone or something more defined, dummies even. They haven’t much resonance or any menace.

Nothing else came to mind. ‘Fell’ back on too much Emil Sitka-falling-on-Shemp Howard. But, I had actually explored that room and opened that and this closet, of course. Early on.

The whole strip is a reflection of the place’s initial effect on me.

Also, after I left New Jersey, I may’ve been the only one of us to actually send copies of MANTICORE to the Library of Congress via the Copyright Office to copyright my page.

It’s odd to think it may still be there or that someone dutifully microfilmed it all!” — Rick Grimes (December 22, 2008).

[This page was reprinted in Jack Venooker’s Journal of Popular Culture.]

{For the best read, go full screen & click image to enlarge}

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