from Rick

“Well, there’s been something almost comforting about doing all this mostly alone and never having to reveal it to any but a few. But, there comes the time when there’s simply not enuff left of the old site reposts to make ‘busy work’ out of them anymore. It’s all pretty much back, here now. For good or ill.

Very little has been omitted. Some belated type corrections, clarifications, and shifts of emphasis have been added. More significantly, perhaps, new material will continue to appear, (and already is), keeping this the place that first Ryan and then myself envisioned as a platform for my marginal (tho earnest) creations.


With all the broad amount of data transferred here, I’m mostly happy with WordPress. I do love playing magazine. Modern tech can make the dumbest of us look ‘smahtuh’ just by giving us a picture upload gizmo and an acceptable type face.

The tiny blue headings at the top of art and story posts, a literal carry over from the old site, were a bit of a pill.

The site interface here doesn’t want to repeat said type as it was without ‘tricking’ it by playing ‘tag’ like a pagan blood ritual from one old post heading to a new one. Fortunately, I’d saved some off the old site, and have since been able to perpetuate the titles’ look as long as I copy at least one letter off the old lines. (Otherwise ordinary copying, without doing that, converts them to the same type here as everything else). I think they do add, tho’, to keeping the new site looking that much more like the old one.

There aren’t a lot of choices in the new type. A basic setting and about six ‘heading’ sizes. And that’s it.

I briefly tried an upgrade, but for my purposes, it didn’t seem to improve anything.




There are oddities of title at times, (and I’m not referring to my usually odd story names), which I can only ‘blame’ or attribute to this WordPress theme’s penchant for alphabetizing in the drop down headings. I prefer chronological lists, or if that’s unnecessary, greater to lesser importance. To arrive at something like that I had to go a bit squirrelier in places, so if you find any of them confusing at first, it’ll become clear later, as you browse further.

Apologies, too, for the excess of new subpages, but it was either that or have 40 items in one drop down heading, a pillar which no one, even the most intrigued, would enjoy climbing up and down. Even as rendered, it may sometimes flicker about like a pachinko machine under your cursors. But just click on anything and you’ll eventually find yourself everywhere else. (I’ve needed to do it that way myself, just to work on it).

There are plenty of handy crosslinks at page bottoms. Anyone favoring or desiring the (sort of) as-it-happened of the year-by-year can always favor the main lists. Their items, if not their look altogether, are the same as the old site’s.

[Some handful of sub pages will not show up in the drop downs where you might expect them. I favored attaching certain work to new main pages, such as the Weird Dick & Prof, or Puzz Fundles pages. If you ‘find something missing’ head back to the main lists. All the links there will get you where you want].


Those familiar with the previous site (which can still be found here, in the Wayback Machine!) may be pleased to see that the former News Updates blog is pretty much as it was. I moved all the posts one by one, trying to keep as much of them as possible. Tho’ I have had to change page link names. Modify off site links that are moot. And have chosen to highlight some things in new colors, particularly words spoken by Ryan or others. {New, more or less technical notations by me, such as this, are in green. Duh}.

It may, in some places, look like you or I fell in a box of crayons. But I’ve done it not only because the free theme has so few extras one can do anything with and I can do it. But also for the sake of some hoped for greater clarity.

And ever more so because without a fellow individual on the other side of such posts about me I’d look like a right vain jackass talking about myself, or seeming to, in the third person all the time. And I want to make it clear, at least wherever it happened, that there was another human voice here involved, many moons ago.


In fact, that there was another person not only involved, but instigating the site altogether is the why of why I am here at all. If it hadn’t been for Ryan Heslin’s genuine interest, from all the way t’other side of the world, I’d at the very least still be groping about with getting on line at all about now, and for what, I would barely know. This whole website, despite the inevitable or occasional appearance of a vanity publication, is more than that to me.

My obscurity well precedes me…don’t think I don’t know it, after this many years. I’m not pretending to be marginalized…I am marginalized. (There are many of us).

I may be a hermit with a computer, but I’m still a hermit.

I need this forum. But, I doubt I ever would have generated it so fully on my own, without someone to play to, or imagine image and text ‘answers’ for. Anyone who enjoys it, this new site as much so, has Ryan to thank.

And I don’t choose to let all the work he and I went to to disappear down the drain, already, when it really doesn’t have to, but for some ‘copy and paste’.


I’ve grown a bit crabbier, here, if not too self-revealing in places, due to not having to consider anyone else’s image–not that I was ever asked to. But, once you’re completely alone you let more shizen fall where it may, as it were, or are. Begin scratching in places maybe you oughtn’t.

Some may think this adds to the fun. Others may wish I’d shut up entirely. Prior to ever being online, I’d have confessed to being one of those who felt the work should speak for itself. Yet, once invited, found I could not stop talking. So, perhaps Ryan is ‘to blame’ for ever doing so. In any case, here I still be.


You may happenstancially note some of the Recommended pages are still in progress, or absent. They may remain so for some time, as they have been up to now of less importance in some regards than reposting my own work. And will be the most radically reworked of any. It’s been a more contrary section than the others, and is overdue for a makeover.


For those more hep for the mag covers and what not I appeared within, (what was the Biblio), the now Published In… section is where to go. (They’ve been removed from the old news scroll, too).

What I took for redundancy of text there (for lack of anything better for us to say) alongside most cover entries,  has been pared down somewhat in favor of having the full text, my own comments usually, more exclusively on the Art or Stories pages.


A note about the latter: the main difference between the Art section and the Stories sections is that all posts in the Art section are full on reposts of complete works–predominantly also stories, yes; my bailiwick–all of which appeared in now mostly hard to find publications, and all prior to my going online.

The Stories… sections are for mostly excerpted, more recent works. Tho’ there are some exceptions…some full on posts there, too, for one reason or another, so do look around.

I wanted the ‘Art’ list so called to give people a quick crack at who I was, if not am, and to see right off that there IS art to be seen here. Black background an’ all. Whereas, I can’t always promise you’ll find all the art you’d like in the other list.

Again, there was the ‘alphabetizing’ thing here. But calling it all Art I and Art II and so on would have just had us all back to the old site’s possibly chief muddler, of the Pub’d 1 and 2 etc. categories Ryan and I both agreed to, but which, I think, sort of got the better of us after a time, yet there was no way to go back and undo or ‘correct’.

I’m hoping, of course, as with all such, that this is an improvement of sorts.




Those thinking I spend wayyyyy too much time here talking about myself or on my take on a story or whatnot, be advised I have seldom been present, in this Southern un-zone, at the time of a book’s creation. The rare times I have, I’ll mention it. But, I’m not a production wonk. I slept through those courses. Too much technical detail makes my brain bleed.

At least, talking about myself, no one can, with any truth, say I don’t know what I’m talking about. My interests lie in the sense memory of things. And why I did such and so. I may forget a year, or a month, or a name of someone I barely knew. But, I usually know why I did something, at least in an informed-by-having-done-it, 20/20 hindsight sort of way. So if you don’t like it, that I’m not a graphics expert, go read something else. I won’t be becoming one any time soon.

I’ve been told repeatedly, by an apparent consensus independently arrived at by it’s loosely affiliated members, that my work is difficult to understand. I always think I’m founding my characters in the ordinary. And it’s mostly they that are outre’ or weird, so as not to bore me to death with a depiction of the real world and its dubious personnel.

But, there you are. So, not only does someone like me need any outlet they can get (and tell your friends, for I have few), you can expect me to go on & on filling it with paragraphs of Gouldian ‘you are here’ arrows to ‘help’ the bereft. Be glad you don’t live in my head.


A final note, on the site title: I thought I was being clever enough when I grabbed an unrelated email heading I wrote a friend, for the new site moniker, last summer. Recently saw that there’s a Zippy the Pinhead collection, Walk A Mile In My Muu-muu, making a much funnier use of the cliche’. I’ve long enjoyed Bill Griffith’s comics, all the way back to his undergrounds, and highly recommend any collections of his work. But the site name here had nothing to do with that.


Such toe stepping and all other caveats aside,


Welcome and wallow as you will…”      Grimes (4/18;20/’015) +5/4

<‘Walk’ about…                                                                           <from Ryan

Let me know your impressions... !

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