Hive Baby


Hive Baby

Artwork: “Hive Baby” (panel excerpt) (as featured on ANTIQUE CHILDREN, Jim Lopez & Ty Gorton’s website) © 2009, Rick Grimes.

GRIMES: “I haven’t much to say on this that mightn’t sideswipe such a single page’s Rickety underpinnings. It’s aberrant qualities should be absorbed as is, as presented. There is no explanation.

I will say I have a few certain allergies, so I have known what a welt is. My worst case from cornfield pollen.

Not sure this one wasn’t dreamed first, but, I think it was just me ‘acting that way again’. Anyway, Hive Baby himself was not initially from a dream. Tho there is at least one page, waiting in the wings, to be based on a dream where he reappeared with actor Richard Boone.

Also, I’ll add here that H.B. is an honest little guy. If he says he saw something, you can believe HE saw it.

And no adult is to be shown in any end speaking for him ‘after all’–he really is the only one talking.

Where it’s all happening is another question.” — (RG) Jan. 30th, 2010.

– HIVE BABY (1995):



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