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#1 fruit stripe family

No claim of ownership of the above characters is implied.

GRIMES: For those not familiar with American junk culture, Fruit Stripe was a gum put out under the Beech-Nut brand. Each thin, flat ‘stick’ had it’s own color stripes angling across it. My sister and I liked it a lot, whenever we could get any. The 1962 date on the heading above is really a guess as to when I drew this, and probably a bit off by as much as a year or two. I was already drawing some by the age of three or four.

This one was my attempt to copy one of those coupon offers that was attached to a sort of pad of them on a grocery store shelf–you can still run across those sometimes today. I was drawn in by the photo, looming just above my head, of the characters as stuffed animals (for sale: the $1.50 price must have been the price of one back then). I know I warily tore it off, feeling as if I wasn’t supposed to, and kept it in a stack of drawings and so forth, through at least a few family moves. All in place of owning a real one.

I turned four in 1962, the probable year of the toy offer. But the likelihood I was spelling that well…better to say I did the drawing maybe the next year.

{Note the misplacement of the horse and mouse ‘names’. Either while focused on writing I peripherally mixed up the similar muzzles and colors; or such transpositions didn’t mean anything to me then}.

There were doubtlessly TV commercials which ran at the general time of this release, tho’ I carried no memory of those, as there are some amazing stop motion commercials viewable on youtube that show off the animals as the (wooden?) figures they originally were. I’m still to this day most enamored of that mouse, which I will probably refer to again later in a new post after the overall fansite is relocated here.

In the nonce, here is a photo of the four dolls themselves (sorry, action figures) via ebay. I didn’t buy them, I think they were already sold. But it gives a better idea of the coupon photo than my memory could. The original is long gone now. — RG  10/14/’014

Fruit Stripe stuffed animals

Looking rather more pawed over, but none too worse for the years. Photographer unknown.


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