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Fu pfoto crop copy (2)THE CASE OF THE TICKLED FROG:  Murder mystery on the island nation of Tonnalo, obliquely told in a self- and reader-sabotaging manner. The usual ‘unusual’ detective who has a head like a meat loaf. And peripheral & chief suspects abound, including, principally a Fu Manchu poser with a robot car, a Bandaged Man theatre critic, and a who knows who yet. What started out early on as a rather puffed up demonstration–‘look what I can do’–of creating a new verbal work out of found words, (using my own method), grew into a complicated, here-no-here tower of cards I more or less had to halt lest it collapse into a truly confusing heap. I’ve fully intended, all along, to return to it eventually and develop it one day into a complete book. Not, in fact this seeming end picture of ‘look what I can’t do’. As it stands on the blog, incomplete and barely ever sampled by but a few, it’s basic worth may be the big mystery. It was mostly typed spontaneously, at least initially, in the blogger box. And tho the results to me were generally satisfying, I know it does have a tenuous start, being full of my own uncertainty where it was headed. One undershoots, so easily, one’s vaunted purposes and ideal notions. As it progressed, however, I saw that the ins & outs of the notes on future chapters were growing too confusing to post without some preliminary writing, to be sure what directions I’m going in. And to allow room for reversals of reasoning in the story itself, the sort that make you want to flip back a few pages to double check what characters say was done. So, I had to hold back, and have ever since, still barely a short chapter’s doing to end the second section. But never without the desire to return. All of which will happen, if ever, off line first, in handwritten notes I can more easily refer to back & forth, to type on my computer, and probably without ever posting completely on the blog itself. I doubt most such work will survive in such venues indefinitely. It’s free to drift. All has since remained as desiccated there as Tonnalo’s tourist season. The fish in the little fish pond app at the bottom of it’s scroll are lucky to be fed by me even once a year, and have likely, unseen offline, force fed upon one another’s skeletons many a time and anon.   –rg 9/4/’015  Blog begun May 13, 2009. {The entire blog needs a going over to rid nearly every chapter of the excess spaces making the text appear as if it were intended as poetry instead of prose text}.


grandville des animaux 1842 cropTHE TWELFTH TOE: I at first wanted to call this one ‘The Eleventh Toe’, but believe it or not, that was already taken—a lot! It’s my blog to show off a more or less typical ‘writing’ project of mine, which I more commonly did in the late ’90s, or the ‘turn of the century’. I doubt it ever gets much traffic. I can’t believe it myself, but the two most recent posts were three years ago, and that little comeback was after two years away from it. So, maybe it’s just me. The thing itself is nothing more than found words rearranged, then rerearranged then rererearranged, et cetera. All highly visual. My preferred bailiwick. If I can’t draw everything I’d like to in the universe, I’ll collide a crop of nouns and see what’s born. I believe there’s yet another ‘chapter’ typed and waiting; it hit some sort of snag. And i fully expect to finish this one some day–there are only a specific, limited number of posts, and I’m about two thirds through it. But, of course we’ve all heard and said that sort of thing before. If I do complete it, it’ll be the first one of these I ever did online. And possibly the last. –rg 1/31/’015   Blog begun June 23, 2009.   Art by Grandville, 1842  (color modern +)


drw 9 28 1991 ink 1 17 '012GRIMES ART: This is my scroll for nuttin’ but single image art by me, mostly critters. With as few words as possible, to relieve any visitors from my usual blather elsewhere. Blogger said they’d charge some fee if I ever hit a certain amount of bytes; possibly meagre, but still… And they messed up their user interface a long while back: I don’t like it much now, and the art comes out ‘differently unabled’, (to paraphrase George Carlin). Thirdly, perhaps two dozen people see such work on Facebook, instead of the mere one dozen that ever did on the blog–so, I go where the crowds are! (Only as an electron hermit). So, all of that took the wind out of it for me, pretty much. I haven’t given up on posting a drawing there, now and again. So, check it out. They’re not likely to wind up in a book any time soon. –rg 1/30/’015   Blog begun Nov 18, 2009.   Drawing © 2012 Rick Grimes


Blofeld pull art b. via blogsite copy 4 19 011MILD MUTANTS: I’ve had the next post (about the Titanic!) typed up for this one for going on three years now. Life does have a way of intruding on one’s bloggery. But, there are a lot of posts on this one, and I do love it a lot. Tho’ I can’t say I’m any less pretentious about knowing things I don’t really know than any other boob. It’s a pose, I admit. On the other hand, my memories are worth as much as anyone else’s. This is just a swath of random stuff I like, and not even necessarily the best nor my favorite. Plus, I am very particular about how it all flows, image, balance, and color-wise. Hence, the many delays between some posts. As mentioned, tucked in some of the early post comments, this one began on Yahoo Profiles, their ‘answer’ to Facebook. Even less people saw it there than they have on Blogger, and when I had a whiff of where it was all headed, I managed to relocate it all by hand before the yahoos at Yahoo rendered it all moot. (Turned out to be good practice, as things happen, for moving this website, too!). –rg 1/30/’015   Blog begun Feb 18, 2010.   ‘Pull art’ by Grimes
FOOFNY NOOF panel via FlickerFOOFNY NOOF Faces the Exhumed ‘n’s: Foofny is one of my prize characters, so he gets a sub page of his own here. Plus, I can open with the full text of my elaborations formerly only on the parent site’s news post (Oct 31, 2011). Being on a blog, the story never found it’s way to that site’s Unpublished work. Additional notes and posts to follow, within this page. –rg 1/30/’015   Blog begun Oct 17, 2011.   Drawing © 2011 Rick Grimes


giant skull on wheel barrowDREAMS OF A FRINGE CARTOONIST (formerly called PREPOSTHUMOUS): Kept this one back for a long time, cuz it’s the most ‘recent’, yet still has only the one post on it. I’d hoped to have more on it before letting people know about it. Bit embarrassing, inaugurating yet another blog and having it, too, already languishing. Tho I have had the next piece typed up and ready for many, many moons. Anyhow, I never intended to post all my dreams here. And that being impossible, realized they needn’t (and can’t) be shown chronologically either. They’ll be as random as my interest and progress on them dictate. I may not be as apt to put art there, as reference or illustration, tho I’m not ruling it out. –rg 1/30/’015   Blog begun June, 2013.  {Two new posts have been added, including the one mentioned above}. 4/30/016
DABS DARNKODABS DARNKO (w/ Vincent Wright): http://dabs-  This blog was wholly begun (Apr 2012) by Vince, and not me at all. However, the handful of strips it displays, drawn by him, (aka Banci), were all written by me, and we collaborated on those from their beginning. The site is dormant because we stopped our ‘run’. I wrote one more, but V. din’t drawr it yet… Hopefully, we’ll get back to them for another spell, someday. I’d recommend grabbing them while they’re still  handy.  –rg 1/30/’015   Drawing © 2015 Banci

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