The New Ones



Artwork: “The New Ones” (panel excerpt) (as featured in ANTIQUE CHILDREN, Jim Lopez & Ty Gorton)

© 2010, Rick Grimes.

GRIMES: “Always intended, from the beginning, as a sequel of sorts… Hive Baby himself is its implied narrator.

“These one-pagers, appearing now at are intended more as windows on mere sprogs in the given water pot of their world, rather than ‘frontal assaults’, (as with the enfant terrible recalled elsewhere, from National Lampoon’s pages).

“Tho their water may seem to come to a boil at times, they themselves may be too busy coping to notice any change in its temperature. But, they’re a perseverant lot.” — RG  Jan. 30th, 2010.

{Scroll to middle of AQC page for ‘The New Ones’. Another strip was added above it, since this post was written}.


<Hive Baby                                                   Inspiration>

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