These Things Happen



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Artwork: “These Things Happen” (as featured in TABOO #4, SpiderBaby Grafix) ©1990, Rick Grimes.

+GRIMES: “On rereading, it does have a nice ‘colouring book’ effect that some of my other stuff in TABOO doesn’t have. And it still makes me laugh. My ‘problem’ with it really is in the last three panels, or, that is, the final ‘section’ of the story. I always wish/ed it was different somehow. Not only is it not rendered as well as the preceding, (a likely true indicator of my doubtfulness even when doing it) its also just mean spirited or something. It’s not funny enough. The characters aren’t quite unique enough. Slapdash sloppy. And, an offense to all those who have a funnel up their…” — Rick Grimes (March 14th, 2009).

GRIMES:These Things Happen — (they do). My least favourite of the bunch. Done after a relationship ended. Its only restorative feature for me is the spaghetti-spitting character, later dubbed Thurman Throbble who I used later in a story of his own. [see Stories…/‘Man’s Best Friend].

Thurber, referenced by [Steve] Bissette, would probly’ve been glad he was going blind rather than look at this travesty. His own doodle line missuses and misters would’ve run screaming & unraveled into Thurman’s noodles.” — Rick Grimes (December 22nd, 2008). +1/1/15


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