The Comic Worlds of Rick Grimes

Clem Clambeau

Rick Grimes is a one-of-a-kind comic book artist and writer who from 1976 to 1996 contributed various unique stories to both adult and underground comic book publications, including: DR. WIRTHAM’S COMIX & STORIES, THE ONE, TABOO, HYENA, RARE BIT FIENDS, HEAVY METAL, and, since going online in Feb 2009, PARAPHILIA, and ANTIQUE CHILDREN, among other venues.

Grimes’ oddball “universe is rich with its own peculiar ecologies and rhythms, oneiric beings, and erotic grotesques”, influenced (both consciously and subconsciously) by a vast array of subjects and disparate artists, mostly those readily to hand early on in newspaper/comics, animated cartoons, and later, films and surrealism.

On this non-profit unofficial fan site, regularly updated (when possible), you will find the following sections/pages: a news blog; a brief biography, specific influences, and comprehensive bibliography; published works art galleries; unpublished or undeveloped strips/stories/art; both on and off site writings; memories & general comments from fellow artists and fans; recommended ‘viewing’; additional thank yous; and various half advertent et ceterae.

Ryan H., and I, would like to thank everyone who intially helped out with supplying him with information regarding my work over the (then) last 30 odd years, in particular Stephen R. Bissette, Rick Veitch, Larry Loc, and most importantly,{said Ryan}, the man himself – Rick Grimes. (That’s me).

Enjoy this ‘second site’!

–Ryan H./+Rick G.

[This page is a lightly edited version of our initial HOME/ABOUT page, (which we never really were completely satisfied with, but never got around to fixing). Rather than a gross trumping, it’s here more a matter of expedience: pages that were the former mother site’s ‘link to’ headings have been removed and modified into generality, to avoid confusion here. I have no idea at this point what my new page headings will be. Also, any of various deleted names, of other artists and the like, will appear elsewhere. Other pages I intend to repost more in toto, so, purists–weep not.]  –RG 7/27/014


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