AKIMBO (1987…) (TABOO #5, 1991)







Artwork: “Akimbo” (as featured in TABOO #5, SpiderBaby Grafix & Tundra Publishing) ©1991, Rick Grimes.

GRIMES:Akimbo was a primal lark, a correction of an earlier failed attempt at something similar.

I was always a little baldfacedly proud of it, though you can’t show it to yer ‘granmas’.

There are actually further chapters in my notebook of that time. Featuring the future ‘descendant’, (in my stuff actual physical, genetic procreation isn’t much pertinent), of the unfortunate ape man.

’Akimbo II’. Longer and more complex. Something about motels and a squirrel.

The flying, mustachioed* ‘clock’ will, of course, being free of some of the more burdensome aspects of time, make another fly-by. But, in future, his little door will keep its tape on better!

It was an obvious left handed tribute to the wonderful HERBIE comics and his rides into other eras in a grandfather clock.

The ‘John & Marsha’ crap at the end of Akimbo was a fallback on the ripped-to-death commercial routine Stan Freberg created decades ago. I had to have an easy way, in the panels allotted, to show the suited characters were in some kind of pseudolove and male and female somethings. Handy, with at least some immediate recognizability as soap opera. But, I at least mutated the spelling. Normally I don’t use those types of things. They will not be returning. {Except in remaining sections}.

The intro {Taboo’s} has me overstating it a bit, but I did want to cop to the use of ‘one’ word captions {really panel headers} rather than the two line captions such as in sick animal and Cactus Water. They also suited the more primitive aspect of Akimbo.

The title was a great word I always loved that Bissette told me, some time or other, he learned from me.

The apeman is standing like that {tho’ sidewise}, post-facto of titling it, early on in the story.

A very ‘tasteful’ tale.” — Rick Grimes (December 22nd, 2008).

+GRIMES: *”Oops! I called the flying clock ‘mustachioed’. The clock hands were his eyebrows! I should have said he was ‘eyebrowioed’. But, people might think me strange…” — RG (March 15th, 2009).


{For ‘quite the best read’ click art and go to full screen…}

Let me know your impressions... !

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