from Ryan

“Circa late 2008, I [Ryan H.] set-up an enthusiastically devised, now [as of July 2014] sadly defunct, fan-made website devoted to the brilliantly twisted Art of U.S. comix-creator Rick Grimes, at The site acted as a stopgap of sorts for then not having a Rick Grimes website proper — which, if you’re reading this, you now know stated ‘amiss’ be rightfully amended.  

Amid putting the fansite’s final pieces in place, I received a most gracious reply from thy ‘subject’ himself Mr. Grimes (after my having written him earlier in the month), the first of a continuous correspondence from/with Rick, helping greatly to expound the initially rather modestly detailed site into a far richer place for fans or those curious of Rick and his wondrous Art to enjoy. With Rick’s assistance, the site took on a fan/creator design boosting its potential beyond said otherwise simpler intentions, appreciatively so.  

As mentioned, ye olde fansite bit the dust mid 2014. I very much wanted to leave a final note about its closure; unfortunately I could not do so as I was locked out of the site’s builder software — the program becoming obsolete circa same period. I had hopes to transfer the site over to WordPress or a similar ‘personal publishing platform’; alas my somewhat muddled life+mind at the time prevented me from realizing said plans. Hence, Rick’s stepping in…  

Enter: WALK A MILE IN MY EYES — an official website made exclusively for and by Rick Grimes, it graciously salvaging the better bits&pieces from the old fansite and incorporating betwixt all-new content (current and to-be). With this new, self-published site, Rick has tenaciously put in the ‘hard yards’ (transferring content site-to-site, among other laborious work) to provide us Grimes comix aficionados w/ a web presence base legit to help keep in-the-know.  

Final note: My sincere thanks to everyone who had contributed and/or visited the old site; I’m genuinely sorry I could not give the joint the send-off it deserved. Thank you all.” Ryan H.  (March, 2015)

<‘Walk’ about…                                                                                        from Rick>

Let me know your impressions... !

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