Critters (1981)




Artwork © 2010, Rick Grimes.

GRIMES: “One panel image from 1981. It was done as an attempt to ‘redeem’ the form previously used, (and somewhat wasted) in the ‘Kriturz’ pieces, then only a few years previous.

“The ‘Critters’ panel, deliberately done in the more careful manner of other phases of that period, presents a character (tho’ too cumbersome to appear often or since) belonging wholly to that other world I keep referring to of ‘Weird Dick & His Friends’, [Stinely, etc.]. As with some of them, the ‘toy’ bear character was born of internal flashes, usually before sleep; then, pushed further along into intelligibility, (of a sort).

“The original was given to someone. I have only a small, same size zerox in black & white. The original, wherever it may be now, was colored with pencils. The sailor suit is green with white trim. The bear orange. Galoshes probably red. Based on bubble bath toys of the 60s, that used to have plastic bodies with screw on caps for what amounted to neck stems. And heads of polystyrene with printed highlights.

“Originally the whole ‘critters’ notion was some take on Ripley style Believe It or Not panel one could do in pebble board and present takes on ‘cryptozoologicals’ like the Loch Ness monster and my initial jokey notion of showing it as a dinosaur, yes, but one that filled the Loch’s depths, that is standing on the bottom. But, I quickly took things else where. In the 80s there was an animal comic with the same title; so sort of gave up on the whole idea.” — Rick Grimes (March 15th, 2009).


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