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Friends, acquaintances, cohorts…

BANCI – Murdering the Magic
Vince Wright, aka Banci interviews fellow comix artists.
Some of his art: Love Blisters Factory
{See also our collaborative strips…}

BOB BURDEN Flaming Carrot
Also the inimitable creator of Mystery Men…
{The Carrot’s site is under “maintenance”}.
DAVID PALEO – Monster Without A Cause
Scabrous, ‘diseased’, but thoroughly wondrous art of the esteemed Señor P.

Illustrations, animations, models, compositions, sound designs, etc.
Also:  REPERKUSSIONZ – A Frank Panucci Film
Documenting the production of his microbudget outer space monster robot movie.

HERBIE POPNECKER – Examples of Recurring Themes
Full cataloging of all issues’ stories, motifs, & more.
‘Only greatest comic ever.’

Children’s book & story writer/illustrator. Wonderful animal, character studies & finished pages.

Website a folio link to his kid’s mag illos & the like. I prefer the plates. Make mine melamine!

The official website of Díre McCain & D.M. Mitchell’s oft referred to, online magazine.


Somewhat like minded, if not outright envied strangers…

The World’s Toughest Milkman. Drink them all in…

DAVID LYNCH – The Angriest Dog In The World
Filmmaker and artist David Lynch’s comic strips.

EATEN BY DUCKS – Weird Art, Comics & Blather
Group blog of art, comics & blather by a select international coalition.

A style very much like the best of book illustration as far back as the 1920s or 1940s, tucked away in forgotten books of fables or whatnot. But with all the libertine & deathly ‘freedoms’ of today that make it beyond even medieval bounds. And funny, yet.

JACK BRADBURY Comic Art by Jack Bradbury.
Full posts of of this little known cartoonist’s highly ‘edible’ art including Beany & Cecil comic books, and many other animal stories.

JAY KINNEYClinic of Cultural Collision
Emporium style website of  author, editor, & former underground cartoonist Jay Kinney.

Often tutorial shares blog of the notorious Ren & Stimpy, Ripping Friends creator.

Dispenser of very skewed, retro-seeming, boilerplate comics inspired by conventional & dated publications. Tales Designed to Thrizzle. Snake ‘N’ Bacon. TV Funhouse (Picasso). Chockful site !!

MIKE STERLING – Mike Sterling’s Progressive Ruin
Comic retailer and blogger.


SIR REAL – Sir Real’s Underground Comix Classix
The official website of underground comix collector, Sir Real.


{Some links formerly listed on the old site have since become unusable, dubious, or simply of no resonance with me.

Larry Loc’s blog is now defunct, and a new link, if there is one, is pending.

Joe Kubert’s site link now redirects to the school which, as one of the first crop of walking wounded guinea pigs, I have no interest in promoting. Besides, Joe was great an’ all, but he really wasn’t an influence on me or my art.

The colorful, very talented Mark Martin’s once blog, Jabberous, after becoming rather of a travel photo harbor has been permanently stilled some five years ago (!) and I guess he still prefers to be found on Facebook where he’s posting some amazing digital collage ‘sketches’ of late. (BUT SEE ALSO ABOVE ADDITION).

Randy ‘Sarge’ Sargent, who was the colorist on the Puzz Fundles piece Ryan H. commissioned from Rick Veitch
seems no longer handily available. If someone knows otherwise, they can let me know at
and I’ll add any link.

La Bouche, an online pub mentioned elsewhere on this site, is henceforth & always(?) gone with the winds. And so on.

Anyone interested in the old Links list, as it was, can see it on the Wayback Machine
where the old Grimes site now dwells in anxious overripeness awaiting adoring visitors it shall never see.

(Sounds sort of like what I’ve got now)}. –rg  9/8/015



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