Dabs strips thus far…

1) “Dabs Darnko for ‘Old Slice’ “~ he duss dur ad shpiel. 
2) “Too Much Info”~ the facts of mermaid life, w/ Gregor and Dabs.
3) “Bizness As Usual” ~ arch typical breakfast w/ Obediah & Flora.
4) “Seaman, ‘Ho!” ~ job dynamics w/ Dabs & Doobney.
5) “Count Three & Bray” ~ menage a twat,  featuring the inimitable Donkey Boy.
6) “Seen But Not Curd” ~ grocery store harassment of Gary Uddertits.
7) “Like Putting Lipstick On A Pig” ~ Gerhart Kislingbury reflects.


All characters © 2012 Vince Wright aka ‘Banci’ ~ Story titles by Grimes.

See the actual strips here…

<Writing/Dabs intro



Let me know your impressions... !

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