The Usual


Emory's cartwheel

Artwork: “The Usual” panel excerpt (as featured in PARAPHILIA VI, Dire McCain & D.M. Mitchell)

© 2010, Rick Grimes.

GRIMES: “Independent of these two oddities, {Hive Baby, & The New Ones}, and as referred to elsewhere on this site, my longer tale, The USUAL, now appearing fully for the first time anywhere in PARAPHILIA VI is about a very hapless baby and his mutually obliterated parents and was originally intended for a Wow Cool small press title.

“The world of the ‘Usual’ is more or less this ol’ battered world, ‘where anything can happen and probably will!!’ There’s nothing especially otherworldly or dreamlike about it. (Unless you’re afraid of dogs).

“Its setting is based on the house my family lived in when I was born, though there was no second floor.
And, yes, I did tumble down some stairs, but that was a very few years later, elsewhere, and I did not spin aloft throo the air!
My sister reminded me that the first page was inspired by a family anecdote about my mother’s thinking I might’ve swallowed some broken glass, and trying to induce my gagging. Evidently then, a false alarm. I have no memory of this, only of the anecdote.
Watch for this story’s unfortunate baby, since dubbed ‘Emory’, particularly the way he looks as he’s cartwheeling down the stairs, (but complete with ‘dog dents’ in his head), to turn up in Hive Baby’s world whenever needed as his second banana. There he can be alive again, in that alternate world, ready for action.

“Perhaps it’s just the earnest rendering but I consider these tales gumball machine jewels in my output to date, if I may say so, for once, and not immediately swallow my ‘fooly’.”  —- RG  (Jan. 30th, 2010)

(pgs 116-120)

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