Clotto Clabber one pager

CLOTTO CLABBER gag page (2009?)


Artwork © 2009 Rick Grimes

GRIMES: “This self explanatory little ditty also appeared on Facebook, but only once, apparently, in a comment thread even I can’t find now. So, very few have seen it.

“Clotto’s companion is called Lolly, his ‘better half’ from the Great Divestment in my More’s the Pity page where I subdivided a character I didn’t like to make two out of it.

Where Clotto goes, so will Lolly be.

“They’re both fun to draw, tho they each take up a different sort of space than the other, which will present problems.

The ‘long and short of it’ is that her body length will take up too much horizontal space, while Clotto’s more compact torso fits the classic comic square quite nicely.

Another reason, beside his eccentric resoluteness, to feature him more.

Always nice to have the contrast of a twosome to work with, tho’.

“The  square ended ‘balloons’ were plainly a natural shift from dialogue panel headers. Enclosed bars didn’t seem to suit the intimacies of the joke.

You don’t see those much. Dave Berg and Mad magazine come to mind. I can’t rule lines like a machine, so it isn’t a ‘thing’ I’m switching to. Seems to work somehow for this. A bit more urban, perhaps.” –RG (3/24/’015)

<Unpub’d, too/’00s                                Clotto w/ toast>

Let me know your impressions... !

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