Hive Baby Two


HIVE BABY crop for 6 9 10 post

Artwork: “Hive Baby Two” (panel crop) (as featured in ANTIQUE CHILDREN, Jim Lopez & Ty Gorton) © 2010, Rick Grimes.

GRIMES: “This page marks what could have been taken as Hive Baby‘s return, had the first page, from over a decade ago, been seen somewhere when it was completed rather than a mere months before this all new sequel.

Because of the long time in between the two, it was rather a mental pain to do, to draw the same character. I’m still not altogether sure I pulled it off.
It lacks certain added bits of nuance, even tho I even went up a size to have space for the ‘adults’. But, its still growing on me. It’s a good un.

I owe a minimal debt to the TV show Sliced, on the History Channel, where they happened to destroy a pool table to show its insides. I didn’t make notes from it, but did get a general sense of the thing. The episode turned up so fortuitously, while I was working on the page, I had to have a look. Who knew?

And apologies for stinginess on the excerpt here. HB appears so little in it, I don’t want to spoil the few surprises…

Thanks again to Jim Lopez at for giving them tots a berth.” — RG 6/8/010


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