February 4, 2009

1)  The following items may possibly be added to the site over the coming weeks and months:
– new/current art pages; and/or single images
–  scans of flyers Grimes sent to friends (in the ’90s)
– notebook samples (early ’80s)
– early Puzz Fundles or other childhood drawings
– further text pieces
– four or five Weird Dick drawings (pencil and ballpoint) by fellow Kubert Art School classmates (inc. Veitch and Loc).
– three caricatures of fellow Kubert School students, for assignment ( inc. Steve, Cara Sherman, and Mark DeMicco)
– a couple of ’80s-era photos of Grimes characters that
– Rick made into ‘food’ (Sicky Claws cookies, Cow Sow made of dough)
– list of LOST ARTWORK

2)  {Ryan temporarily posted here the text about my minor pasteup work on the catalog and story below, for a Batman reprint paperback. You can read a bit more about them here (scroll way down)}.

Superhero Book - April 1977World's Finest Comics (1941)World's Finest

3)  Found out earlier today that Grimes’ “The Puzz Fundles” strip has now been re-published in an Italian edition of Rick Veitch’s THE ONE, published by COMMA 22. Visit Veitch’s official website to purchase a copy of the English edition, here:  http://www.rickveitch.com/.

4)  The {likely} influence for the ‘wall arms’ as featured in Grimes’s 1976 strip, “Weird Dick and The Professor” (MANTICORE #1): Jean Cocteau’s 1946 classic film, La Belle et la bête (aka Beauty and The Beast).

WD, CocteauArtwork:  Head Chez ©1981, Rick Grimes. ~ Photo: Public Domain.

5)  A very brief comment regarding Grimes’ “Puzz Fundles” from 2000 AD Forums’ TordelBack (February 2, 2009):

“I always thought Rick Grimes was just Rick Veitch being clever, particularly Puzz Fundles.”

6)  Even more madness… the inspiration for Grimes’s strip, “Breathing Is For Sissies”, as feat. in 1992’s TABOO #7 {see Art/Taboo in the drop down}:


Three Stooges Curly in 'Gem of a Jam'

©1943, Columbia Pictures.

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