Hell’s Toupee’



Hell's Toupee'

Artwork: “Hell’s Toupée” (as featured in 1989’s TABOO #2, SpiderBaby Grafix) ©1988, Rick Grimes.

GRIMES: “Hell’s Toupée” has as its main engine the tension of living with your mother, (substitute with landlady figure), in adulthood, pushed to its cold extremes.

The characters won’t be back. I barely remember what they look like.

It’s in a format I tried out in a few more, unfinished things at that time; one I don’t favour — too many panels for a single page.

Steve was right, in his intro, to say “may be” (rooted). Can’t say EC or [Alfred] Hitchcock ever crossed my mind. I think it came from this dissatisfaction I always get from other such murder stories, even slasher pics. They never quite get it right. I mean, what would I know from a distance, but it always seems to me they usually leave out the soporific elements of real murders you hear of. The way things and bodies just lay there like slop warmed over. All the items nearby, of whatever domestic situation and type, still their implacable selves, more alive than the violated one’s remains.

So, I tried to put that in there too.

The characters aren’t meant to look like anyone specific, nor the crime one with any knowing connection to real or fictional cases.” — Rick Grimes (December 22nd, 2008).

{For the best read, go to full screen & click the page}.

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