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Artwork: “Clem Clambeau” (as featured in 1996’s RARE BIT FIENDS #21, Rick Veitch & King Hell) © 1995, Rick Grimes.

GRIMES:Clam beau. The same euphonic plus, but no Rambo action going on here.

Also another one of my obvious(?) names, while any real ‘if’ sexuality remains subsumed in the story itself. (Mother in your bed, ‘spew’ on your hands, safety in tunnel-like ‘foreign climbs’ {rather than climes}).

But this dream really had no sexual feeling to it. And I’m certainly no Freudian. I think Sigmund was full of sh!t. Sucking on all those big cigars.


“Clem has a few other-styled, much scaled down character versions of himself, with varied names. Tho’ I can’t vouch for his spirit being the same one occupying those. Nor need it do so.

I like him a lot and want to use him some more. But it has to be in the right place. Probably in other suitable dream comics.

– –

“He’s a substitute for my self as the dreamer. The reasons for such personages I’ve mentioned elsewhere on this site. {See Clutch Angel etc }. Drawing myself all the time’d be creepy.

He wasn’t dreamed, himself. Only those he encounters later, the actors or whatnot.

– –

“For this dream, I needed someone mild, but expressive. (And fun to draw).

His ‘boy-man’ outfit is not lost on me. Mildness is a characteristic that relegates one to lesser status immediately in our ‘overdog’ kulture, and to accusations of childishness.

So, the outfit is dissembling that by making it obvious as farce. Comedy 101.


“My ma was still well then. It was later, in ’02, that she broke her back and so on from there. So, it was an oddity that she would be on my bed, resting. Or even in my (still) very cluttered room.

I made her like Clem for similarity’s sake, because the dream has a specifically familial relation. I don’t typically do this. Even if I have twins in something, there’s never any indication of human like spawning by like selves going on. Or similar body types and all that would imply. Call me a cartoon traditionalist, in that regard.

I grew up with a lot of animal cartoons and comics, and the very idea of such was not to be called attention to. The whole ‘nephew’ (and sometimes ‘niece’) thing, or various fevered romantic problems dating, were about as far as it got. I never really cared about the absence of ‘it’ there.


“I’ve had the same radio since I was a teenager. It stands on a hair dryer box. What else?

‘Doo Dads’ were/are? a snack, sort of cheesey flour in a stick shape. If I recall right.


“The mentioned stigmata aspect is not lost on me, either –tho supposedly the real guy/s had ’em tween the wrist bones for better hanging on nails. Evil people are so clever, aren’t they?


“How many times, in the not too far future from the date of this dream, my mother and I, neediness reversed, wound up really going to the hospital I eventually lost count of.

That’s not our type of car, nor it’s license plate.


“The little numbers in the circles represent separate dream cycles, after having woken up etc, and going back to sleep. What ‘juicy bits’, in this case, numbers one and three had in them, or why I didn’t deem them worthy of Clem, I don’t recall. But, I’ll get back to you. Perhaps, I just forgot them and no notes exist.

{Found ’em. Yup, ‘ryl’ one was lost right away, there were never any notes for it. Ryl (or ‘reel’) three had only my aunt, in my granma’s kitchen, wearing an outlandish headdress like a Vegas showgirl. And a fat guy sitting around in his underwear. So, there wouldn’t have been anything for Clem, again as the stand in for myself, to do but stand there and look a bit non plussed. And I would’ve had to fill at least one panel with the hat thingy, wasting the space with drawings of feathers and spangles}.

One rarely gets up to a four cycle in one night. Remembered, I mean. Recently I had five. Sometimes I’ll just know I had that many, tho lose the memory of their details before I can write ’em all down.


“It goes against my tendency to set any of my strips or stories in real Earth countries. (Generally, it’s all the implied U.S. where I live anyway, in my dreams, that is).

I made an exception this time, using India, because it’s look and feel (from whatever media I’ve sponged up, that is; I’ve never been out of the States), were essential to the dream.

And I used what bit of (pre ‘net access) reference I could.


“The TV housekeeper mentioned has her face hidden simply because I couldn’t find a useful picture of her, especially workable at that size. I think it’s effective that way tho.

I like this page. I like the whole story.


“As a kid I had enuff familiarity with fruit cellars, barns, and timber walls at the farms of both sets of my grandparents for the haven to arise.

The cooler is like one my paternal grandpa had for his milk cows’ output.


“Note that above the metal face plate speaker is an outline of a presumably nude woman with her arm raised. (The perfume ad). Another rarity in my work. Albeit reduced to discreetly simple lines.


Richard Devon  in The UNDEAD“The actor mentioned on the (Indian) film poster is really Richard Devon, who was usually a sleazy villain, most accessible these days in episodes of The Rifleman, Magnum Force, or Corman films such as the appealingly goofy The Undead (1957) as a Satan in tights. {Co-starring Billy Barty!}

{Also listed in Roger Corman’s War of the Satellites (1958) as ‘Dr. Pol Van Ponder’. Or with Charles Bronson in Corman’s Machine Gun Kelly (1958). And at least two others}.

“…Devon also played a recurring character in the kiddie-oriented teleseries Space Patrol (1950) (when Devon asked for a pay hike, his character was put into permanent suspended animation).”–Tom Weaver, imdb. :D

He had a long face and head, so that makes you think he is over 6′ tall, but he actually had, to my eye at times, a narrower frame that makes him seem short bodied. (Next to Chuck Connors most actors look short).

Perhaps that’s the dream’s (very) oblique acknowledgement of my typical attitude of cutting down my ego’s ‘imagined height’ at the feet, before it can ever ruin me.

I sort of like how dreams can be seen taking the shape at the point of word formation or name recognition. I formed the wrong name for Devon, ‘reading’ the poster, but I knew who I meant. The dream doesn’t care either way.

Groping for a name, and wrongly thinking you ‘have it’, is really just a trivial aspect of waking life. (Unless someone is waiting to give you money or medical care).

– – –

Ray Danton“Ray Danton is another actor, mostly from the ’50s and ’60s. The Rise & Fall of Legs Diamond (1960), Hawaii Five-O, Secret Agent Super Dragon (1966). Why the R.D. names repeated I don’t know. Arty, tho’.

But Danton was one of those uber cool dudes, not so familiar outside of TV shows. He was dark complected but can’t say I ever saw him elsewhere in a turban.

I wouldn’t want him pursuing me as a policeman.

I recently found out he was married to Julie Adams (of the quavering scream? doesn’t seem dubbed) of Creature from the Black Lagoon (1954) for 23 years. He gradually shifted to directing. TV. Some European movies.

– – –

“Neither of them were ever my favorite among actors. I’m never disappointed when they show up, tho’. They both played intriguing, magnetic creeps well. Another very oblique self reference? Maybe, but I hope not.


“Don’t know that I ever ate any fenugreek on food. It has a maple odor. Beginning some time after this dream, I took it for a long while as a supplement.


“At the end, Clem is not just surprised at anyone serving him ham that way, but surprised at anyone serving him at all.

This trait in me is deep seated, this over humble thing, and is not an act. Tho I’m very self conscious about it.

I’m genuinely surprised by anyone’s interest, all my groping for it artistically duly acknowledged and considered.


“Overall, I say if you think you never have interesting dreams, you should pay more heed to them.
‘They’ll know’ you don’t care if you treat them like useless jetsam.

I’ve been writing mine down pretty much ever since my sporadic beginnings at it in 1975 and spottily, immediately thereafter, at the Kubert school (where Rick Veitch, master of the Rare Bit Fiends comics housing these ‘do funnies’ of mine, turned me on to Carl Jung). And pretty steadily from about ’79 or ’80 onwards. So, forty years, now.

I can never hope to share them all in one lifetime, as it’s a self replicating organism I can never catch up with. But I wouldn’t want them to stop.

And if you think you’re just too above it all to deem any of yours worthy of your own attention, you’re really missing an essential part of a good breakfast. Take it from Clem.” –Rick Grimes (3/29,30/’015)

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