RG: “First off, thanks for the little word switcheroo in your email, now the ‘Walk’ about… title of this section. Had to use it as another welcome, if not farewell, Aussie touch.”

RH: “Thanks for updating me on new/old content created. Am always piqued (the good kind) to scan recent additions. You’ve really done a bang-up job on transferring – and sprucing up – old fansite to new. Many a page has been improved w/ your fine-tuning, especially w/ the inclusion of necessary Editor’s notes. Dig the considered layout, too.”

RG: “As you know, my first hard drive crash day before Halloween ‘014, wonky monitor, and then modem crash—all that interrupted my site rolling. I enjoy it when I’m cooking along on it. But it’s discouraging to keep putting the finish date off yet more and more. Easter? Fourth of July?? And all with no sense who really cares if they ever see it again.”

RH: “I do duck in every few days to see what’s what.”

RG: “Your ongoing interest (and outright assistance) has always been an essential motivator. That goes for a few others. And anyone I can manage to imagine may be out there. A lot of new pages have been and will be added.” {See sub page}.

RH: “The inclusion of select panels on the HOME page is handy, allowing visitors easy-access to your Best/Popular/Fave creations.”

RG: “Some of the perhaps remembered ones, anyhow. It’ll be another ongoing thing, adjusting it.”


RH: “I want to thank you for all your assistance w/ making the site what it was for so very long — near 4 1/2 yrs aint too bad, no? I appreciate the sheer bounty of Art/Work (and Personal) background you generously imparted to I for inclusion on (and off) the site, and for your ongoing comments offered detailing more recent published bits and pieces. Above and beyond, mate.

And thanks for being a good, honest friend all this while. :) ”  

RG: “Likewise. I’ve often felt like balling it all up and going back into hiding. There’s something about the allure of modern tech’s allowing us all to look like avant garde publishers overnight. Quite another thing, tho’, to really know who if anyone is looking, or what asses are in what seats.

You’ve always been more than a fan to me from the beginning. A fan of my work, sure, early on, which overall has helped repair my meager confidence over the years. And I’ve always tried to see us as comrades rather than our own pecking order. With no money reward in it for either of us, it’s hard to go back to it all again and again with new vigor, even for small things, tho.

I do know it’s been nice to have the site there to refer people to. And because of you, I got online much sooner than i ever would have, and with something to show for it. Most any new friend I have these days is an indirect result of our working together. So, I do want to save what I can of it. For future use.

Thanks for all the support and faves over the years. Definitely still looking forward to our continued interactions. But the way all the web making’s so handy to the geezer bozo these days, expecting you to do it all is too much. Even when we started, I was probably writing my pages with an already obsolete ‘1990s’, non-users idea of what a website was. You do still see a lot of vanity stuff about, but people act a lot more hip about it than I could ever be.”

RH: “Your progress w/ its keeping afloat is impressive. The colour scheme, general layout, etc. is effective and a better fit than what I had in mind (I was definitely thinking too ‘busy’). I much appreciate how you’ve opted to transfer the old site’s News scroll rather than start afresh, and in general let fans know of the former site’s existence. Probably goes w/out saying, but thank you for this. Everything looks top notch, mate, do keep at it! :)

Thanks for keeping me in the loop on all this.

You need any assistance whatsoever w/ the new site, just holler. Me do wot me can.”

RG: “No doubt I’m firmly glued into my internet galoshes by now. I’m not really one for giving up–the things I at least halfway love or like anyhow.

Am fine with moving all the text and so forth myself in my new role of site master (or misfit). It sort of goes well, I think, then some little glitch pees me off–as with all such skullbloggery–and it’s some little setback. Find something, or redo it. I’m sure you know what i mean.

I appreciate all you did before on the old site, and that it allows me a shot at reposting it all (more or less). I can completely understand your not wanting to sort it all out. It is a bona fide puzzle to do so.

I like puzzles. But, it sure can be nauseating after awhile reading about myself everyday.”

RH: “You really are doing a bang-up job w/ the site, Rick, no lie. And, yeah, it’s always the fickle shit that give the most bother w/ site building. My main beef w/ my old builder was its insistence to screw up my text sizing, and from time to time italicizing chunks of text – two main irritants I could only fix (most the time) post fresh publish of site. Maddening…

Anyway… enjoy the Bedlam that is site (re)building!”

RG: “I never actually found the ‘burnt paper’ sort of theme you’d showed me before, but ran into the red on black which looked like a good one to evoke the ‘parent’ site. Less >traumatizing< too, for readers. Ha.”

RH: “Yeah, I can’t recall the name of that ‘burnt paper’ theme, but the style you’ve opted for is certainly the better of the two. I think sites function more successfully w/ a more direct, less bells & whistles approach. More site developer/builders should realize this.

I too did worry about WordPress’ drop-down sub-categorizing, but it looks as though you’ve implemented this well.

It’s a pity copy & paste cannot remember to transfer all the italicizing, etc. Makes for rather tedious line checks, that.”  

RG: “The drop down thingy is gradually very handy, tho I know if I wasn’t doing it myself it would have driven you mad trying to figure it out. Even or especially if I were making suggestions from the sidelines.

As it is, I had to go at it gradually, thinking about it in pieces when I wasn’t online.

And for five days, about all I dreamt about was pushing chart pages about, like I was still sorting text.”


RG: “No one even knows where this new spot’s at. It’s likely buried in all the Walking Dead googles.

Tho I did get an odd snotty(?) line from somebody, I have edit control over what goes up and canned it. I think they blundered over there, probably some ‘Rick Grimes’ lover, looking for a zombie date. And finding my (then limited reposts) pretentiously unsatisfying.”

RH: “That damn zombie saga hasn’t done your namesake {this site} any favours, Googlin’ wise, no.

Said ‘odd snotty(?) line’ is annoying. Expect more clueless adrift ‘rabid’ to pester you over time.

Do keep at the new site’s development. It’s shaping up nicely, no matter the rate of.  A unique platform, distinguishing itself from the scores of mundane Artist’ also-ran sites hoggin’ the ‘net.”

RG: “Maybe the categories won’t confuse people too much. I figure if they stay long enuff to know who I am or have read my work they must be used to convolution by now.”

RH: “Am enjoying watching your site ‘sprout’. Its look/feel is intrinsically you – that be a compliment!

I agree w/ you on the ‘if you don’t know me by now’ thinking – if people have any understanding of your Art, they should happily navigate the site w/ ease.”

RG: “Well, {our media blab} was a nice break from the site shite. :) I have been getting into a groove with it oftentimes. Still it’s all rather gradual progress. …

It’s all the back links and cross links that add to the overall effort per repost being more than you expect. I enjoy getting ’em on there tho’. And  want to do the links as I go so i don’t forget a bunch of them.

There’s also something unforeseen attached to this one or that one that makes certain pages or texts more trouble than you expect. And I need to keep track of my hours online better, so my eyes don’t stay red. All in all, I’m enjoying it, tho’. Especially adding new bits.

Once again, I’m grateful for your words about it. It can all seem quite shallow sometimes. I realize that I’m often talking about nothing at all; the backgrounds are almost wholly my own aesthetic impressions or logic to the stories or whatnot, rather than much of any real history I was privy to. But if folks want that they can read Wikipedia. I can’t write about what i didn’t experience. And having been a loner is bound to show throo.

Plus what we both did on it all gave me a lot to pull from. Especially all your thankless typing early on. And the scans and such.”

RH: “A gradual progress, site wise (hell, LIFE wise) aint no bad thing. Is the best way to approach all, lest you burn out from ‘going hard at it’ and lose interest in the thing altogether. I couldn’t do this latter method today, if  (I) were building a site, no matter the need. Funny how you shift from having a rabid interest in partaking in a certain project to simply lacking the ‘juice’ to even putter along w/ it at best. Is so easy to give-over to comfy, well-tread procrastination. The older I get – and 32 yrs is old for me – the more ‘meh’ I ‘grow’.  … From one loner to another…”

RG: “You have my improved and increased sympathy for all you did for me on the first site. Nothing quite like having to do it all one’s self.  It’d be quite another long spell getting it done if I hadn’t had all your hand typed pages of my writing, from before I went online, to simply ‘copy and paste’.

I don’t know how you got so much up on the old site, by yourself, in just a few months. Children have been conceived, born, and weaned in less time than it’s taking me to move it all.”

RH: “Slow and steady something something something. Looks dapper as is. If you need any further whatsit for, lemme know. Am always happy to help out where can.”

RG: “All the cover scans have been a great help. I never had those, and certainly didn’t and don’t wanna pull out every copy of something I have to do new ones.

And the final versions of the ‘poems’ I wrote, in emails which were gone after the drive crash. They really had me larfing. Had forgotten most of it. Glad you had ’em all!

Your Flicker storehouse, too. Whole pages of all art views at once, a veritable Galaxy o’ Grimey.

Hadn’t seen it all that way before. On others’ art, but not mine. It made me realize I haven’t been quite the wastrel I’d thought, over the decades. There ARE some real pages to show for it. Seeing them all at once is bizarre—like a slab of conversational jabber of the Ancients, but all in inked drawing lines instead of letters: ‘Who was this mad scribe??'”

RH: “That Drawings by Friends page is a fun, smart addition. Speaking  from a ‘fan’ perspective, having ‘Others’ comment on your Art in some way does provide another interesting angle.

Knocking off the majority of old fansite updates for the new site proper must have taken you a bit of work. Well done on completing. Likewise, good thinking on holding off on adding new posts until you feel site is ready-to-go. Another smart move.

Glad you’re really getting the hang of this site-building bollocks.”

RG: “I’d really like to get onto other typing projects, now i am more used to all the site slog. It’s become a pleasant habit, minus all the tweaks and crosslinks.”

RH: “What exactly would that entail? You mean, type-ups of past text pieces, or is it more a case of the commencing of new works?”

RG: “I’d like to type up various deferred blog posts, and any new ones. Story notes or scripts.
My habits have changed in general, and it seems like I could get into it more–the ‘writing thang’.

I was looking at the old notes for Akimbo II, thinking to perhaps add a bit more to my old comments mentioning it. And wound up, since it’s a good idea to do so while reacquainted with it all, developing it all further. So, mayhaps I’d type on that, too.”

RH: “Hope you do get to. And, further ‘Akimbo’ would be welcome by all fans alike, I’m sure.”

RG: “I hope WordPress lasts at least another fifteen years. I’d hate to redo the whole site, plus any new additions, in a mere five again. It’d take me a full year or more a next time. I don’t know if I can do this again. (Fellow pack rats, take note). And there are already more pages than I started with.

No one often mentions the ‘price of fame’ as recurrently scrambling to avoid falling backwards into the Limbo of Untenable Technology.  Just how does one gain admit into the Wayback Machine? And isn’t it even little used and obsolete itself now??”

RH: “WordPress looks to be in it for the long haul, yes’m. Then again, I thought I was pretty safe w/ my lurch-leaving-in SiteStudio site builder ‘ware’, and look how that turned out… But, WP is far too popular (at least, for now) to predict a shop-close any time soon.”

RG: “Starting the whole site over and over sounds like a ‘school’ dream where they make you take (yet still) pointless, unclear tests again. ‘NOOOOO…’ ”


{Four days later}:

RH: “Last known fansite-save, via Wayback…?” http://web.archive.org/web/20140125164136/http://rickgrimesfansite.net/

RG: “So surprised to see the old site on there already! Were you? Or had you a part in getting them to spot it?

I read a bit there on how there isn’t much of a recommending process going on. They seem to rely on various other site mentions of one’s link. And not setting your site to block robot crawling, (whatever that really is).

At first I thot it would mostly prove a sort of superfice–sample face pages & the like. But from what I’ve checked so far, it looks fairly complete and usable (as for reading and not posting, of course). Tho with some of the same art page load prob we’ve talked about.

It makes me fleetingly think (and others may?), why bother with a new site at all?? But, as stated, I can’t add anything there. (I’m assuming). And it’d be way uncool and unprofessional (so my primitive instincts in this regard tell me) to hand out nothing but a Wayback Machine save as your ongoing website!”

RH: “Aye, likewise my being impressed fansite popped up at Wayback. I played no part in its inclusion there, nope. Never thought to consider a recommend of old site for. I’d always assumed it was a case of, as you mention, ‘robot crawling’ whatsit.

And, no, I don’t see how one could continue to work on a Wayback-hosted save of a since-kaput site. Or add even a comment to. Appears ‘locked’, to my eyes (though, true, I haven’t had a proper read of site’s FAQ etc.). I def. think you should continue on w/ your own site, especially considering the many hours you’ve logged thus far. Be a shame to see you ditch, a month away from its publish, true. And, again, Wayback’d fansite is likely buggy in some manner, some where about its many pages.”

RG: “Yeah, well, I’m not serious about ditching the new one. Anyhow, thank God for Mr. Peabody! Now, who shall ‘save’ the Wayback Machine????? Ah, that bugaboo, infinite redundancy…”


RH: “In any case, the joint is blossoming (s)well. A guesstimated few weeks time ’til site is to officially ‘open’ is grand to read. If you’re anything like me, tweaking will be endless…”

RG: “There’s always more tweaking. And I’m surprisingly still camera shy about letting everyone see it all, finally. Working on it forever is a good dodge.

Feel free to continue letting me know what isn’t looking right here…how it’s reading in Peoria or Jimboomba, in your case. I’m always afraid the whole thing will have a meltdown at any given moment.

I can only see so many random pages of it a day, even when reposting. And after I’ve seen the lion’s rear of moving it all, I may not see that many pages a day.

What good is having your own website if you can’t ignore it and take it for granted like everyone else?”


RG: “Anyhow, will keep you a breast.”

RH: “Best, behest, friend. Adieu, to you and ewe and Hugh.”


{Constructed from email exchanges over a ten month period}.

<‘Walk’ about

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