Thurman sketch



#21b sketches split b Thurman

sketches (in this form) © 2015 Rick Grimes

GRIMES: “This is for the few that recall seeing this on the old site, paired with the ‘Augustine’ sketches (no relation to Thurman). The other character is part of his own one shot story, which still doesn’t exist. ‘Don’ is not a part of Thurman’s world, or perhaps anyone else’s for all I know.

Throbble will not be appearing with that growth on him either. It was just me fooling around.

I seldom make many sketches of my characters. Except preliminarily, to get their basic looks right. There may be one or two others of ole Thurm’. If so, I’ll post them here. ‘Maht as well’.” –RG 1/2/’015

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Let me know your impressions... !

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