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The links you have to go to around here…

Walk a Mile in My Eyes ~ Grimes comics, etc

Home page ~ Clickable pics of some better(?) remembered stories to get you started.
‘Walk’ about… ~ Ryan H. & I, Grimes wax & wane pseudoeloquently on ‘whah hoppent?’ to the mother site. Also: how to use this new one w/out hurting yourself.
Art (Pub’d ’76-’95) : Full stories & pages completely reposted !!
MM1) Early comics ~ Manticore, Journal, Parade of Gore, Third Rail :
MMMMWeird Dick & The Professor <> Another Duck <> ELLY <> Seed of Shock (text) <> Kriturz <> Head Chez
MM2) Kidhood characters re-emerge ~ Dr. Wirtham’s, Veitch’s ‘The One’ :
MMMMSicky Claws Conquers… <> The Puzz Fundles <> Maniac Island
MM3) DOG*STAR Funnies xerox ‘zine w/ Larry Loc :
MMMM#1 Forgotten Genius Issue : ‘Footstool’ etc <> #2 ‘Dachie’ Tribute Issue
MM4) TABOO ~ my complete stories, etc :
MMMM(#2) sick animal <> Hell’s Toupee’ <> Numbleschitz : ‘Lil’ doodle <> ELLY  (reprint)
MMMM(#3) Cactus Water : intro pic «» (#4) These Things Happen «» (#5) Akimbo
MMMM(Especial) Glycerous Aquarium Footstool (reprint) «» (#6) Dolly & Withtina
MMMM(#7) Breathing Is For Sissies «» (#8) PDQ: Black Butterflies «» (#9) Grue Love
MM5) The ‘H’ mags ~ Hyena, Heavy Metal, (HPL): Starry Wisdom :
MMMMHeredity <> Girlilla <> Squod <> Pills For Miss Betsy
MM6) Rare Bit Fiends ~ Rick Veitch’s dream comic :
MMMMFrickles <> Clutch Angel <> The Caramel <> Clem Clambeau <> Penny Boo
Blog (News) ~ All the old site posts, mostly as they were; plus ongoing news.
Blogs (List) ~ Descriptions & links to all my current, tho dormant, blogs.
Dreams ~ A new page listing anything dream related usually elsewhere on site.
Influences ~ Probably on me, that is…
MMA Wider Chain ~ What stands out from my early years
Lost Artwork ~ original art ‘found missing’…
Published In… ~ covers of & other contributors to publications I’ve appeared in…
MM(1976-1978) ~ Manticore, Journal…, Parade of Gore, etc.
MM(1981-1989) ~ Third Rail, Wirtham’s, The One, Dog*Star
MM(1989-1995) ~ Taboo
MM(1992-1996) ~Hyena, Heavy Metal, Starry Wisdom
MM(2009-2013) ~ Crimefighter, Paraphilia, Antique Children
Puzz Fundles ~ My best-remembered characters have their own page now!
MMchildhood versions ~ ie kid drawings
MMcharacter pages ~ prior to their appearance in ‘The One’.
MMThe original one pagers, in black and white. {Color versions here…}
MMproto-GOOZLE ~ yet unused cover from way back
MMFurther stories in the wings:
MMMMMEEMO in ‘The Bum’s Rush’ <> “Too Many Thripeys”
MMperipheral characters…:
Q & A ~ dialogues ‘tween myself & former site founder Ryan H.
Recommended ~ creations, not by me, I think you should eyeball…
MIf You Ask Me… ~ Grimey Recommendations (film related mini essays & watch list).
MLinks ~ to other artists & websites.
M“Lookit This…!!” ~ a space for revered others, slowly ongoing.
Stories Pub’d (’09-‘012) : Continuing the Art list, but less of the art is fully reposted…
MM(2009) ~ Paraphilia, Crimefighter, La Bouche, Antique Children
MMMMThe Man With Two Hearts <> The Bromomaniaks <> Booshwa + Joe Head <>
MMMMBlood of the Corn Kings <> Hive Baby : Inspiration

For those who’d like to find something they remember, or who prefer a static view of this entire website’s offerings (versus having to hop about, jumping bean style, in the drop down). ‘All’ (except where obvious & still pending) are live links…


Let me know your impressions... !

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