Lost Artwork


If anyone has any information regarding the whereabouts of the following Rick Grimes original art pages, please contact Rick at: togrimescomics@gmail.com

(The original artwork for These Things Happen (Taboo #4, 1990), previously included here, has been said to have been found {and as soon as ‘Molasses’ Bissette actually sends it to me, it’ll be removed from this note, too! –rg 4/10/’015}). 

The still missing pieces:


– As featured in TABOO #8 (1995, Kitchen Sink Press): 

 PDQ pg 1 (of 6)           PDQ pg 2

PDQ pg 3 (of 6)           PDQ pg 4

PDQ pg 5           PDQ pg 6.

Six pages dated 1992 on page one only. Image areas are smaller than printed size. On 11 x 14 two ply Bristol paper.  Artwork: “President ‘Doosh’ Quimby” © 1995 Rick Grimes.


– As featured in TABOO #9 (1995, Kitchen Sink Press):

  Grue Love pg 1           Grue Love pg 2

Grue Love pg 3

Three pages. Image area probably 6″ x 9″. On 11 x 14 two ply Bristol or similar. Artwork: “Grue Love” © 1995 Rick Grimes.


RICK GRIMES: “The last stories for TABOO, when mostly unbeknownst to me in the Southern hinterlands, Steve [Bissette] was trying to peel away from the tar baby and Kitchen Sink did their thang. Or Tundra’s thang. Unfortunately, for my originals anyway, their thang didn’t include me. (In fact, if it hadn’t been that I caught Bset when he had to go down an’ see them for whatever the reason, I never would’ve even received copies of the books).

I also at that time, or so, had submitted the Poodles From Uranus comic, elsewhere mentioned, which took them forever to get back to me about. ‘Suffice’ it to say, rumours of my existence there, to paraphrase Mark Twain, would be greatly exaggerated. My belated, weak action on it all, and stupid presumption they might actually take my ordinary word, by handwriting only, that I was contributor to the books elicited nothing. It’s as if whoever sat at the front desk for any mail I ever sent them, then, had no concept of forwarding something on up the chain a bit.

So, all in all, the originals are gone, as in not here. (100%). Whether in Mr. K’s private vaults under stack forty nine; slid down the side of some ‘shunt asides’ desk and barge dumped off the Eastern Seaboard; or is up Miss Fanny Frump’s crack, I know not.

Grue Love I don’t care so much. Fit justice for ‘Dr. Palmer’, says I. But, President ‘Doosh’ Quimby, another story, is another story. Would like to have it back! (First Canary Cat appearance!).

You even consider running ad style ‘calls’ in the ‘trades’. You feel like you’re answering kidnapper demands, though. For the already dead baby. So, am doing it here. If anyone ever comes across, (so to speak), these pages or sees them for sale on a convention table or ebay, lemme know. I might even pay to have ’em back, if not too ‘dear’, some questions asked!

Just want you, the ‘discerning’ art buyer to know, nobody else was given or has the right to them. Verbally or otherwise.

I’d almost rather they be in the Atlantic Ocean with my great great gran’ma than in some snotty bastard’s collection. Or even a friendly bastard. Unless he was to sell it to me cheap, or ‘donate’ it to my museum of pitiful errors…” — Rick Grimes (3/15/’09).

+ “Did any of you other contributors to Taboo #8 & #9 get ignored (ie shafted) like this? No return of artwork?? Or was it just little ol’ me???

Nothing will come of it, of course, but I really would like to know. (You can use the above eddress).” –Grimes  9/8/’015


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