Hyper Lincoln



Lincoln w clipping

Artwork: Rick’s first published drawing, as featured in Shreveport, Louisiana’s local newspaper, circa 1973. © 2009, Rick Grimes.

GRIMES: “This is one of those things I might’ve best left out of view, where it belongs, instead of it shambling into the throbbing zone of my art of subsequent years. But the completist in me had me dig it out, initially for the parent fansite, perhaps with the notion to show some poor, self-flogging new cartoonist out there that all of us had our crude beginnings.

Admittedly, lots of my more ‘competent’ line work could do the same. But, ballpoint can typify raggedness like few other tools.

I mustn’t be too critical, however. As Caesar’s kid said in Battle for the Planet of the Apes, “Ape shall never kill Abe”.

I must also add that this came ’round the time of my exposure to a certain caricature book my mother gave me, for Xmas, I believe. This one…

Kai cover

LET’S FACE IT!  Kai Heinonen’s World ~ 1st edition 1971

I never referred to it a huge lot. (I had also coveted it for it’s drawing of Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? era’s Liz Taylor cleavage. So, I wasn’t the total prig the newspaper clipping makes me seem. {Never asked them to print the letter, anyhoot}).

As these things often do, it all came back to bite me on the miasma my hypothetical ego lived under at that time. My 9th grade Civics teacher saw it in the newspaper, to my utter chagrin had me show it to the class, and thereafter had me skipping class to come up with caricatures of the Principal, his assistant, and probably herself before it all mercifully petered out. Well, she was trying to do my future a ‘solid’, I guess.

And, needless(?) to say, my personal ‘politics’, such as they may exist occasionally at all, are far less sanguine now than the glop we were handed. A disgusting, malicious greedocrazy drowning in $ix part$ evil de$ign, three part$ petty $ham, and one part $uperficial idea. None need apply. ‘Let it Rot’–the Rutles.

Anyhow, a lot of us had our Mort Drucker wannabe phase. Maybe, I’ll even post a few others here someday, from back then. You have been fairly warned.” –Rick Grimes  (September 23, 2014).

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