HYENA (1992-1993)


Hyena #2 - cropIn 1992, Rick’s story “Heredity” featured in issue #2 of Mark Martin and Tundra Publishing/Kitchen Sink Press, Inc.’s HYENA anthology series, (also feat. Wayno, Michael Kupperman, Shannon Wheeler, Walt Holcombe, Arakelian, Scott Musgrove & Brian Sendelbach, Ben Jackson, Mark Martin, Mark Campos, Terry LaBan, Brad Johnson, Roy Tompkins, Steven Cerio, Jim Woodring, Jeff Nicholson, Sherwin Mudflapp, Jr., and Scott Cunningham), followed with “Girlilla” in ’93’s issue #4 (also feat. Todd Ramsell, S. Musgrove & B. Sendelbach, S. Cerio, J. Woodring, Mack White, S. Cunningham, Sam Henderson, M. Kupperman, Tom King, T.K. Atherton, Jay Cotton, and R. Tompkins).

RICK GRIMES: “HYENA – came about because of the connection of [Steve] Bissette and TABOO with Tundra and Mark Martin.

Both of my pages are parodies of life at home with ‘the folks’.

Girlilla the best of the two. …” –RG (12/22/’08).

Hyena #4 - crop+GRIMES: Heredity is plain enuff in it’s contents, at least verbally. If you can’t understand this one, I have no hope for you.” –(2/23/’015)








Rick contributed “Pills For Miss Betsy” to Dave Mitchell’s 1994 H.P. Lovecraft tribute anthology, THE STARRY WISDOM: A Tribute to H.P. Lovecraft (Creation Books – later republished in January 1995) (also feat. J.G. Ballard, John Beal, William S. Burroughs, Ramsey Campbell, David Conway, John Coulthart, Michael Gira, Adle Olivia Gladwell, James Havoc, Dan Kellett, D F Lewis, Brian Lumley, D.M. Mitchell, Alan Moore, Grant Morrison, Mike Philbin, Robert M. Price, Stephen Sennitt, Peter Smith, Don Webb, Henry Wessels, and Simon Whitechapel).

GRIMES: “It’s a fine book… . Dave [Mitchell] and whomever else he worked with did a great job with it. …

My story, strangely enough, both looks as if it does belong and yet doesn’t. How Dave ever knew it would fit when I hadn’t done it yet, I don’t know. …

…It blares out…like an insert in one of those encyclopedias or medical books. Like my story is the paper lungs or kidneys in some … book … about … surgical procedures or what not. … And while I do feel it actually holds its own right where it is, … and have no regrets having done it, I am sure there are many an H.P. Lovecraft purist, (or ‘impurist’), that would like me and my work to get the Hell right out. Tough udders.

… (T)he initial run of notes for all of it began in January, 1990. Considerably before Dave Mitchell contacted me. … {So}, yes, I was crazy enough on my own to make up the story without H.P.’s influence. It just fit. (It’s creatures, etc.) Make of that what you will. …”  — Rick Grimes (March 15, 2009)

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