Breathing Is For Sissies



Breathing Is For Sissies  pg 1

Breathing Is For Sissies  pg 2.

Artwork: “Breathing Is For Sissies” (as featured in 1992’s TABOO #7, SpiderBaby Grafix / Tundra Publishing) ©1989, Rick Grimes.

GRIMES: “Breathing” has a rather inverse logic that may confuse people. The character is holding his breath, as much as he can. The only way he can ‘keep it together’. So, for him, that’s a bold act, unlikely to last long in a world of inevitable interference, natural and antisocial.

I never have been a deep breather.

His elongated ‘clamshell’ headpiece is what I got from the ‘dead-on-arrival’ Marshal Millon non strip I barely began one time as a kid. Unoriginal even then.

The rest is all how Curly Howard walks in the Three Stooges’ short, “A Gem of a Jam”.

The only reason I didn’t simply pass that title on for TABOO is in the Moe Howard book the photo is crossed, mistakenly, with the caption of one next to it.

It’s the one where they’re cops or museum guards. And a ‘plastered’ Curly ‘thumbwrestles’ the custodian, etc. Ambling after them all at the end.

What if you chose to live like that..? On a daily basis… Thus, the story.” — Rick Grimes (December 22nd, 2008).


+ “The tentacled ‘Samaritan’ with the Colbyville t-shirt ‘is’ [Steve] Bissette. Back in school, he used to wear some such, with that or some other Vermont town-let.” — RG (3/15/’09).

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