‘Man’s Best Friend


‘MAN’S BEST FRIEND (1991/2010) (PARAPHILIA IX, 2010)

'Man's Best Friend  p 1

'Man's Best Friend  p 2

'Man's Best Friend  p 3

'Man's Best Friend  p 4

'Man's Best Friend  p 5

'Man's Best Friend  p 6.

Artwork: “‘Man’s Best Friend” (full story, featured in PARAPHILIA IX, Díre McCain & D.M. Mitchell) ©2010, Rick Grimes.

GRIMES:‘Man’s Best Friend (1991, ’92) as in Thurman’s best friend, to be. Thurman Throbble, standout ‘star’ of These Things Happen in TABOO #4. Completed six pager, beginning of possible series of stories. On the page above Thurman is assuming the strange ‘dog’, ‘left one’ in his (my) back yard.

“Worked on October ’91 throo Feb ’92. Rejected in March ’92.” — Rick Grimes (April 17th, 2009).

+GRIMES: “Subsequent pages, beyond those published in Paraphilia, and furthering the story of Thurman’s conflict with the amorous pig woman were completed many months ago, around the time of this intitial site posting. They have not been published yet, and are dependent, really, on being seen with the earlier sequence, tho’ all have their own titles. My idea is to build up at least a Thurman comic book one shot issue, one day adding further chapters that are only in my head.

Thurman Throbble is basically to remain the same hapless doofus. But the cast of characters will expand a bit–if not his waistline–as he moves away a tad from the more overt gags of his debut. He’s a great character; a good one for channeling my hill country DNA into his sloppy patter.”  –RG 1/2/’015

++“Recently, while looking for something else, I found that part of the above story was initially a dream, (of Sept 26th, 1991). But, only the bit about laying in the yard, and too near a dog’s dropping. All of the rest, including the look of the dog, is my own invention.

The ending is not as sappy as it seems. For on the next (yet unpublished) page following, Thurman runs away from him –note the dog is eating grass in the panel before –and hides inside, behind a screen door.

Also note: Thurman IS wearing changeable clothing thruout. As in a dream, where one has no especially continuous knowing of what one is wearing, he goes from long clothes to short, varying patterns and combos; and seeing the pig lady, tho’ shooing her away, is suddenly in his underwear.” — 4/16/’015


{Paraphilia’s mag host ISSUU is not always kind to my stories: the resolution on Thurman’s (pgs 87-92) is verrry bleary. An aquarium effect. Frail lines broke up or disappeared.
At first, I didn’t know what’s up with the discolored pages. Tho’, on seeing the old email attachments, it was probably my fault. A couple of the pages were older, and had spent some long time on a shelf I guess, giving them a yellow edge, which came out pinkish. My scans were set on 24 bit color instead of the since proven preferable black & white –(otherwise, always 600 dpi jpegs as requested). The above reposts are trimmed versions of the same scans. <Click images for full resolution> The ones I sent in were also with full borders, causing a higher pixel count.
It may be something to do, too, with the imposed framing involved in ‘magazine’ formatting. I’m no geek whiz. But, it’s been some years now, and this being one of my funnier (tho gross) stories, I’d like it if you could see it better.
So, tho’ the STORIES… section is mostly for excerpted, more recent, if not current published work, I’m reposting it fully here. 
By all means still check the online book. There’s always fine work by others to read –again, it’s Issue IX (Nine).
Feel free to compare to the above and see what you think}.  –rg 4/16/’015   
Paraphilia magazine/2010

<Stories ’09-‘012                                               Thurman sketch>

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