Foofny Noof


FOOFNY NOOF   pg 2 pnl 1

Artwork © 2011, Rick Grimes.

RG:  “Hello again, and an effin’ ‘Foofny Noof’ to you all. New holiday anyone?

This newest ‘blog’ will be limited only to the one story itself. After that, it will be left floating there for however long it proves possible.

I could say that, tho’ unfinished, it is a ‘pivotal’ tale. For me as an artist anyhow. It came out of a period of all sorts of groping for something to try out on [Steve] Bissette for ‘Taboo’. Tho’ I did refer to it once on the phone with him, he never saw any of it. No one has.

It ran way too long for me, for that said purpose, some fourteen pages I bleev, (about a third of which don’t exist at all except in some sort of notes I haven’t yet found again). So, I had to turn to other things more immediately do-able.

Plus, I bent the tiny rapidograph wire i was inking it with then, and that was mostly that.

It is one of my better stories, or at least more fecund. And i still have a certain notion of what i want to do with it if it’s ever printed. But, no one was getting to see it, (as I grow ever older), and I thought the ‘glacial television’ quality of a blog might be just the thing. (The full pages, which I will likely hold back on posting in favor of paper one day, are only 6×9, so you can actually see the panels better online).

There are two characters within it that are especially important to me. I’ll tell a bit more about them & etc. as more of the panels appear. For now, suffice to say that, among other physical traits, Foofny Noof, who is sort of a bipedal walrus being, has sponges for limbs, and the blog sidebars, complete with a few bits of grey crud, were a serendipitous surprise, ‘courtesy’ of Blogster—could hardly have come up with anything more apt myself.

There are about four complete pages, four more with only tight drawing. So, it will be about a year before anything ‘worked on’ in present days  will turn up on the blog. I intend to post one panel, in sequence, biweekly.

You are not crazy. There is no first page yet. It does not exist, due to my penchant then, and still, for not starting with the title pages on any story that has a logo and splash panel. I found that with some number of stories back in the early ’80s, I would do a full first page complete with logo and then ‘fall in love with myself’ to the point where I was too intimidated to do the remaining story.

So, I began to intentionally avoid that, beginning on page two, going all the way to the end and then doing pages one.

This is also why many of my Taboo stories, as well as those recently since,  have no logos whatsoever. I also find it a waste of space, especially on a short story.

Well, enjoy my story. And if you do, or even if you don’t, ‘for God’s sake’ let me know about it. I’m working in a void here, people. Truly.”

— Squirts ‘n’ squishes, Grimes. 10/27/011 7:26 pm


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