Q & A ~ 12/’08


RYAN H: “Have you contributed any other work to comics, magazines or books since the mid ’90s?”

RICK GRIMES: “No. Unless Larry Loc put something up on the computer that came and went sometime in there, RARE BIT FIENDS, then to the HPL (The Starry Wisdom) book is it.

POODLES excerpts Bluedle via pg 8 one panelA couple of ‘almosts’ completed around that time of my pages in Rick Veitch’s dream comic were a comic I mailed out a few times called Poodles From Uranus; simpler (at least at first) four-panel pages that would’ve sunk any chances it had, already, but on top of that it has, (or had if I one day decide to self-censor and alter it), a ‘naughty’ panel near the climax, let us say. So, that went no place. And when Steve Bissette told me once how little you can actually make on a first comic book of your own, pretty much took the wind out of it for me. Figured I might as well try anthologies some more. At least they might pay off. But, haven’t pursued that yet either. My aunt died in ’97, my grandmother in ’99. Then there was my mother for years. So, I’ve been on somewhat of an artistic detour where it’s, for the most part, less demanding to pursue smaller things. There are comic pages, too, but they’re predominantly stories that aren’t quite complete, so no one has seen them.

The Usual pg2 copy from emailThe other ‘almost ran’ was a story for Mark Arsenault who had intended, about ten years ago by now, to run it in his small press title HOT TUNA, and pay contributors only on publication. Maybe that’s why it didn’t happen. I did a five page story called The Usual about a very hapless baby and his already dead, ‘Chester Gouldian’ parents. All he gave us was a premise to work from in the little prospectus sheet: something about ‘domestic’ situation. Don’t think it was quite what he’d expected, I largely doubt it had anything to do with it not coming out. He didn’t refuse it. The one time we talked on the phone we also hypothesized about his doing an all Puzz Fundles book as I was already working on it, back then. [See: GOOZLE KOMMIX]. That still being incomplete, and, again, out of touch I’d been thinking of contacting him, too, just as a courtesy, to get an okay on publishing The Usual and shopping GOOZLE, when completed, elsewhere. I figured the ‘statute of levitations’ had about run out on the two stories; the Pills for Miss Betsy story and The Usual would’ve looked good in a book together, but I won’t be doing that now.”

RYAN H: Do you still draw/write comics, or is this something you’ve since given up to concentrate on other work in your life?”

GRIMES: “I still draw and write comics. Also draw single image, one time things not really illos (’cause they’re not illustrating anything but themselves). Write a lot of limited, experimental writing oddities I have no intention of illustrating. One’s going, then I think of another way of doing it and I get stuck in yet another ‘detour’ project. Coupla of them I actually managed to hold myself to and virtually finish. I had already been cooking along, on and off, on some of those when I had to begin taking care of my mother. Every day from August of ’02 to her death in February [of this year,] ’08. Life as art. I thought I had reduced my artwork to a pretty thin mix, trying out minimalist things and so forth but in those years I got even less art done. A couple of new ‘illos’, inks on some old ones, and a couple of Weird Dick pages. But, the writing things I could readily keep up with, or inch along a few more steps while lying down, between other tasks. Puzz Fundles; to keep your sanity, too. I wouldn’t stop doing something artistic. I don’t know how to do anything else.

Tho’ never as productive as I should be, I couldn’t stop doing it if the wallpaper peeled off the universe.

This year, I’ve been trying to get back to some things, digging out very old stuff and ink it maybe modify it. Warm up to it all again. I guess I approach things more like painters. I can leave pieces tucked away for years and go back to them or spend decades developing one series of ideas.”

#20 GOOZLE KOMMIXRYAN H: I was wondering what ever happened to the rumoured collection of your work, GOOZLE KOMMIX, that Steve Bissette and Rick Veitch prepared for Tundra Publishing in 1991-2?  Both Bissette and Veitch have expressed regret at never seeing this collection of your work released.”

GRIMES: “I don’t regret it not working out! Some of the stories were pretty shaggy. I’ve even thought of destroying a couple of them, but they’re still around here someplace too. Even the ‘Puzz’ story may get a complete or partial redo for a mundane reason I won’t go into here. I overdid it on the quicky (ie hack), inking on alot of it, and also regretted foisting the whole mess on Steve when he was busy already with TABOO, and chum and booster enuff not to tell me to piss off.

Anyhow, it gave me that rare chance to go back and change it all before such a thing goes out in public ‘again’. I wound up deciding to gut the whole thing, except the cover, and put in the three Puzz Fundles stories I’ve been working on. All ‘Puzz’. All the time.

One is very long, but the art has gone very well; and the complicated story. Nine-panel pages. About 2/3 done with it. But, it takes alot of focus I haven’t had again for it yet. (Part of my getting back to tighter work as mentioned in ‘Quimby’ comments and RARE BIT FIENDS).

The middle story, 5 pages; I think the first two done years ago. A very verbal visit from Thripey Skake’s cousin, Powderiffic Watumbi.

The last story, I just recently finished inking the next to last page and expect to draw the last soon. Six panel pages. Experimental, with an initial premise and first page spun from an old Daffy Duck comic book story. But, Meemo…

Other complete single images can fill out the inside covers. Etc!”

RYAN H: “Finally, do you have any plans to contribute new work to an anthology or collection of some sort in the near future?”

GRIMES: “Wouldn’t call ’em plans. Do you know any good ones? How about in Australia?”

Rick Grimes
December 2008.

All artwork featured on this page © 2010, Rick Grimes.

{This paper ‘exchange’ paralleled the gradual debut of the parent fansite.} –rg 10/’14

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