Walt Kelly

WALT KELLY (1913 – 1973)

Kelly 4C103 Easter w Mos Goose pg 3  crop“Ten Little Easter Eggs” (1946) Four Color Comics #103

Pogo Welcome to the Beginning ~ _Youth Corps probly 1965“Welcome to the Beginning”~Youth Corps booklet (1965?)

Uncle Pogo So-soUncle Pogo So-So Stories (1953)“The Story of Chicken Little” ~ Uncle Pogo So-so Stories (1953)

Kelly  FC220  pg 17 Carroll's poem tho  crop w text“Humpty Dumpty’s Song” (by Tenniel) ~ Four Color #220

GRIMES: “It should (but often won’t) go without saying that the above are random samples of a slightly different sort, and anyone that has not experienced Walt Kelly’s work without devouring Pogo, at some point, ought to be drummed out of comics, or dragged out by their clown-clamorous fannery.

Pogo Possum is the ne plus ultra not only of Kelly’s own output, but that of many, many others.

I first saw the above Chicken Little story in a fat library copy of a Bennett Cerf humor anthology when I was six years old. Back then, there were not even xerox machines available to keep such a thing, nor could I have found or afforded the Pogo book collections had I been aware of them.

I’m sure my eyes had fallen upon the Sunday Pogo comic strip often enuff for apt wonderment by then, (and I devotedly snipped them all from around ’67 onwards) but my verbal comprehension of it would have been limited then.

So, finding something like the above, with the same characters– such farces were actually a common & welcome part of Walt’s output– trotting about to their blathering on, in a recognizable tale was quite something for me, then.

I am still pleased to credit Mr. K. with the wonderful knowledge that one can readily trowel in as much eccentricity of speech as a balloon will tolerably hold. And casual mumblish and local dialect are a sanctioned ‘must’. Not just something to put a washtub over while declaiming mental propriety. {The only other artist who’d already handed me that lesson in spades, and with as much heart, was Dr. Seuss, but he [rarely] made it into the newspaper funny pages or the comic panel form}.

Walt Kelly’s rendering and full stable & zoo of animal characters, sometimes even depicting actual ‘human’ politicians and such ilk, are still quite a something-and-a-half for me to marvel over. If there were one artist I’d’ve been creatively lost without, especially in my approach to humor comics, it is he.

Like my dear departed grandpa, he kept the twinkle alive in my soul.

I’ll never be the brush master he was, nor nearly so productive. But, should you ever wonder just what’s up with my own Puzz Fundles characters, their palaver and controlled chaos, see here, my good fellows.” –rg 7/27 ‘015

{The eggs topside up are via http://atocom.blogspot.com/2013_03_24_archive.html  at the bottom of the week’s scroll. The art is all new to me.

As is the Humpty for the Tenniel poem which was nabbed and can be viewed complete here http://pappysgoldenage.blogspot.com/2012/03/number-1136-walt-kellys-easter-with.html  Scroll way down, it looks like the full comic issue.

The likely hard to find Youth Corps booklet, featuring the tiger and a lot of other critters with oddly human bodies, can be read in completion at http://attemptedbloggery.blogspot.com/2013/08/pogo-welcome-to-beginning-by-walt-kelly.html

The Chicken Little story is from my own copy of Pogo’s book. I’d love to’ve shown full pages, but could not bend the spine that much. You know how it is.

None of the above has yet come from this latter, but it’s an amazing site with just oodles of Kelly material I, and probably you, have never laid orbs upon. Such as this wonderful record,


one of a series: http://whirledofkelly.blogspot.com/search/label/recordings –all at the site of one (is there another?) Thomas Haller Buchanan. Hey, not only does he post regular color Sundays, (some of which I still have myself), he breaks it all down in his site links by animal character and so forth. An obsessive after my own heart. Check it out, yoo awl !} –rg 7/29 ‘015


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