Little Gladys an’ them…



Artwork © 2010 Rick Grimes

GRIMES: “Little Gladys and her ‘family’ will and have co-resided immediately next-apartment-over from the Puzz Fundles, wherever the latter are forced (often only parenthetically), to move.

Really a foursome–(the two in the front to the right of Gladys, who has her arm over them, are actually imaginary)–they, too, like the Fundles, are based on one shot childhood drawings which I plan to post here eventually.

Little Gladys, tho not non-verbal, is rather of the ‘Nell’ school of blib blab, speaking only in what amounts to sound ‘poetry’ at best. She will usually be seen visiting Primitive Iggy, who probably seems quite clever to her.

I will here defer describing the others, or their future and past (limited) uses, until I’ve had a chance to get some of the ongoing stories they appear in oot ‘n’ aboot. They likely aren’t a strong enuff bunch to hold their own throo story after story featuring no one else but them. Tho I will try one on occasion and am about to embark on their first in a few weeks.

Strictly speaking, they aren’t Puzz Fundles themselves. But they do share the wonders and blunders of life on Wacky Planet. So, you might as well get used to them.” –RG 2/8/’015

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