January 31, 2009

1)  Added one page from Rick’s unpublished “The Usual” strip, and one full-page illustration of Rick’s “sick animal” (circa 1994) to the OTHER WORKS section. {The page’s former fansite location}.

2) The Grimes comments regarding “Sicky Claws Conquers the Weird Dicks”, [the ‘in-jokes’ paragraph mentioning Peg Arms, and so on] were initially meant to appear on the DR. WIRTHAM’S COMIX & STORIES page prior to this fan site being published. The restored piece can now be read in full. (My apologies to Rick for this slip up).

January 27, 2009

1)  Added a page for the 1977 Kubert Art School Yearbook / Zine, PARADE OF GORE #1. “POG” features three Rick Grimes contributions, including: a text story, “The Seed of Shock”; and the first-ever publication of full-page pin-up, “Elly” (later republished in 1989’s TABOO #2). My thanks to Tom Foxmarnick for passing on this mag (along with ’76’s MANTICORE #1) and to Mike Sterling, who in turn was kind enough to send me scans of Grimes’s work from both zines. Thank you both!

2)  I would also like to thank Steve Bissette for kindly announcing this site on his daily MYRANT blog at srbissette.com website, on January 22, 2009. Much appreciated, Steve!

[Whatever the flook, that post no longer appears–if it’s in Steve’s archives list, I can’t find it. (The ‘old’ site link is still in the margin tho’). SRB called the site “eyepopping”, and so on, I forget the rest and did not save it]. –RG 8/3/’014