January 27, 2009

1)  Added a page for the 1977 Kubert Art School Yearbook / Zine, PARADE OF GORE #1. “POG” features three Rick Grimes contributions, including: a text story, “The Seed of Shock”; and the first-ever publication of full-page pin-up, “Elly” (later republished in 1989’s TABOO #2). My thanks to Tom Foxmarnick for passing on this mag (along with ’76’s MANTICORE #1) and to Mike Sterling, who in turn was kind enough to send me scans of Grimes’s work from both zines. Thank you both!

2)  I would also like to thank Steve Bissette for kindly announcing this site on his daily MYRANT blog at srbissette.com website, on January 22, 2009. Much appreciated, Steve!

[Whatever the flook, that post no longer appears–if it’s in Steve’s archives list, I can’t find it. (The ‘old’ site link is still in the margin tho’). SRB called the site “eyepopping”, and so on, I forget the rest and did not save it]. –RG 8/3/’014

Let me know your impressions... !

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