March 29, 2009

1)  Last Thursday (March 26, 2009), I received my latest extensive package from Rick Grimes, which included copies of both issues of Larry Loc – – ‘s DOG*STAR FUNNIES zine, circa 1987 (issue #1) and 1991 (the Grimes-heavy, issue #2), respectively. Rick contributed various original pieces both issues to artist Larry Loc’s xerox zine. The following work by Grimes, as featured in both zines, has now been added to the Art gallery. My thanks, as always, to Rick for kindly passing on such material to present here on this site; and to Larry Loc for previous assistance.


I)  “Glycerous Aquarium Footstool” (republished later in 1991’s TABOO ESPECIAL)

II)  Artwork for M.W. (Grit) Thomas, Jr.’s “A Children’s Story” (1987).

DOG*STAR FUNNIES #2  (1991):

I)  DOG*STAR FUNNIES front cover (1991 – devised with Larry Loc).

II)  “Intra-Daschund” (1991 – cowritten with Larry Loc).

III)   “Under The Rug” (1988).

IV)  “Anne, Thuh Beep Goze Onn!” (1988).

V)  “Camera Shy” (1987).

VI)  “Dine with Dachie” (1991).

VII)  “Halfbaked Hockey” (featuring two of Larry’s characters).

VIII)  “In Over Their Heads” (1988).

IX)  “Near Disaster” (1988).

X)  “Safe From Dachau” (1991).

XI)  ‘Shanus McRawhole’ (1987/1966).

XII)  “Wasting Time” (1988).

XIII)  “Chunky Tooth” (1990).

XIV)  (flying bulldog) (1990).

Artwork/strips © 1987-1991, Rick Grimes. (“Intra-Dachshund” © 1987, Larry Loc & Rick Grimes. “Halfbaked Hockey” characters the ‘Acid Dwarf” and ‘Cowpie’ © Larry Loc).


2) Also included in Rick’s most recent package, were the following items:

I)  Updated comments regarding several of his stories (inc. “Maniac Island”, “sick animal”, and “Pills For Miss Betsy”, among others). These comments have now been added to the strips/stories respective pages (for TABOO-related comments, visit the PUBLISHED IN gallery).

II)  A childhood drawing circa 1966 or 1967 (now added to the UNPUB’D gallery).

III)  A ‘one panel’ piece from 1981 titled, “Critters” (which you can now view below – and also in the UNPUB’D gallery):


Artwork:  “Critters” © 1981, Rick Grimes.

GRIMES:  “The ‘Critters’ panel, deliberately done in the more careful manner of other phases of that period, presents a character (tho’ too cumbersome to appear often or since) belonging wholly to that other world I keep referring to of ‘Weird Dick & His Friends”, [Stinely, etc.]. As with many of them, the ‘toy’ bear character was born of internal flashes, usually before sleep; then, pushed further along into intelligibility, (of a sort). …” –3/15/’09


3)  A new section for LOST ARTWORK has also now been added to the site. In this section, Rick details various original art pages of his that have gone missing over the years, inc. “President ‘Doosh’ Quimby” (TABOO #8, 1995), “These Things Happen” (TABOO #4, 1990), and “Grue Love” (TABOO #9, 1995). If anyone does indeed know of where such pages have ultimately ended up, please contact (Rick) at:  ________

GRIMES:  “If anyone ever comes across, (so to speak), these pages or sees them for sale on a convention table or ebay, lemme know. I might even pay to have ’em back, if not too ‘dear’, some questions asked! Just want you, the ‘discerning’ art buyer to know, nobody else was given or has the right to them. Verbally or otherwise. …” –RG 3/15/’09


4)  A week and a half or so ago (see last update), I posted an awesome Rick Veitch – – commission piece on this fan site, featuring Rick Grimes’ perennial characters, the ‘Puzz Fundles’. The original artwork (11″ x 13.5″ pen and ink on illustration board) has since been coloured by professional freelance (and well-published) comic book colourist Randy ‘Sarge’ Sargent, and a sample of which is now featured below. A portfolio of the Sarge’s fine colour work can be viewed here: (Sarge’s Coloring Book). To those interested in having black and white commission or sketch art coloured, Randy’s work comes highly recommended! Many thanks, Sarge. Artwork quality somewhat lost with size reduction.

PUZZ by Veitch  color

Artwork:  Characters © Rick Grimes.  Pen & Ink by Rick Veitch; Colour by Randy ‘Sarge’ Sargent.

March 22, 2009

1)  First, I, Ryan H., would like to thank Rick Veitch for kindly mentioning this site on his own (excellent) website/blog – – in a March 20 blog entry titled, The Kafka of Comix. Rick Veitch, as you may know, is one of the renowned greats in the comix world, and is currently taking on commissions – which I highly recommend! Below, you will find Veitch’s wonderful ‘Puzz Fundles’ piece I had commissioned a couple weeks ago – thank you Rick for both the site mention and the ace artwork!

2)  Received word today from the man himself, Rick Grimes, that he will soon be officially online, as he has now purchased a computer and is keen to join the world of internetting (?). Also received word from Rick’s old pal, Larry Loc, with news on a possible look-see of Rick and Larry’s rare DOG*STAR FUNNIES material. Will post further details when available.

March 13, 2009

Added the following Grimes-related items to various areas of the site:

I)  Rick’s ‘Little Hydrey’ illustration from 1992, as featured in TABOO #6 (this illustration was, in part, inspiration for Al Columbia’s “The Bloodclot Boy”):

Lil Hydrey via flicker & Taboo intro page   (copy minus orig c.)

Artwork:  Little Hydrey © 1992, Rick Grimes.

__ __

II)  Cameo appearances of Grimes’ ‘Sicky Claws’ gang (as featured in “Sicky Claws Conquers the Weird Dicks”, feat. Chatteredy Cathy Doll, Nudolph The Naked Reindeer, Clowny, Seymour, Brown Pneumonia: the Hopping Mummy, and Skinnever Skull) as featured in Grimes’ “The Puzz Fundles” (Thripey Skake, Von Sticky, Meemo, Primitive Iggy, Malloon, Gluggigla, and Gufshca), published in Rick Veitch’s THE ONE comic book series. Also, added Grimes’ poster of Veitch’s THE ONE, as featured in #6.

Puzz ~ Sicky char. cameos  (finale)Puzz  One cameo

Puzz ~ Sicky char. cameos  (Clowny)Puzz ~ Sicky char. cameos  (Nudolph)Puzz ~ Sicky char. cameos  (Sicky)

Artwork:  “The Puzz Fundles” © 1984 – 1986, Rick Grimes. Image two features Rick Veitch’s ‘THE ONE’ character © Rick Veitch.

__ __

III)  A comparison picture featuring an illustration from Max Ernst’s A Week of Kindness in relation to Grimes’ own animal-headed character in “Head Chez”.

W Dick w Ernst image

Artwork:  “Head Chez” © 1981, Rick Grimes.  Artwork:  Excerpt from Max Ernst’s A Week of Kindness © 1934, Max Ernst.

March 6, 2009

1)  Here is an illustration I commissioned renowned comics artist/writer (and long-time Rick Grimes pal) Rick Veitch – – to draw, featuring Grimes’ most infamous creations, the ‘Puzz Fundles’ . My thanks to Rick V. for creating this awesome piece of art for me, and to Rick G. for allowing his characters for use in such a fine work of art as this. Also, various other earlier ‘published’ drawings of Grimes’ characters by Rick Veitch can also be seen in previous updates below.


Artwork:  Feb/March 2009 ‘Puzz Fundles’ commission by Rick Veitch of original Rick Grimes characters – ‘Puzz Fundles’ © Rick Grimes.

2)  A few recent words from Rick Grimes with regards to new strips and other influences on his work over the years:

I)  GRIMES:  “I am getting a computer (incl. graphic tablet, etc.) and am in fine enough fettle and back to the drawing board after a prolonged tour of hospitals and home care for my mom. I’ve (also) been “officially” myopic for several years now, have graduated bifocals and have to ink with a magnifying glass. Well, not with the magnifying glass. But, holding it. Awkward nuisance. For some reason, I can still draw without one, but can’t see, later, where to put the tip of the pen or brush.”  — February 13, 2009.

II)  GRIMES:  “Jay Kinney’s “BLACK CAT CITY” (1980), in DR. WIRTHAMS COMIX AND STORIES #5/6, was a pivotal story for me then in some of my approaches to storytelling, ultimately in TABOO. I wrote a poetry style object-setting-flow story of some five pages or so, some year or other called BEEF BAYONETS (written August 1987); never did any art for it. But, it was perhaps closest to Jay’s* story’s inspiration and also probably has more in common with Van Vliet music than later TABOO pieces some see Beefheart in snippets (?) of. Black Cat City was pivotal for me, and I still believe I live there sometimes.”  — January 27, 2009.

*{  “…in collaboration with friend and poet Adam Cornford…” ~ }

February 27, 2009

1)  Yesterday I received another lengthy reply from Rick Grimes with regards to this fan site, and was generously presented with yet another batch of interesting and wonderful items to add to this site. Such items have now been added to the following galleries, and they include the following:

I)  An amusing Abraham Lincoln drawing Rick drew when he was only 14 years old for the Shreveport local newspaper, circa 1973. {See here, my good man.}

__ __

ART (Pub’d)

II)  Rick’s “Another Duck” strip from 1977’s THE JOURNAL OF POPULAR CULTURE #1.

III)  Both “Heredity” (also feat. ‘Little Numbleschitz’) and “Girlilla” from Mark Martin’s HYENA series (1992 – issues #2 and #4, respectively).

IV)  Improved scans of both RARE BIT FIENDS strips, “Frickles” and “Penny Boo”.

__ __


V)  A sketch Rick drew of himself for a Kubert Art school letterhead assignment (with arm outstretched), circa 1976/77.

VI)  The front cover of the aborted Rick Grimes collection, GOOZLE KOMMIX, circa 1994. (See below).

VII)  A previously unpublished two page strip, titled “The Bromomaniaks”.

VIII)  The front cover of a comic which never saw publication, titled “Poodles from Uranus” (in both B & W and colour).

IX)  A flyer featuring ‘Dolly’ that Rick sent friends, circa 1996.


2)  During Rick Grimes’ “The Puzz Fundles” six strip run in renowned cartoonist Rick Veitch’s – – six-issue comic mini-series, THE ONE, Veitch himself drew characters from Grimes’ infamous one-pagers as small pieces featured on 5 out of the 6 covers for the series; also including a few panels featuring these oddballs within his actual “The One” story. Veitch’s drawings of the ‘Puzz Fundles’ can now be viewed in the one hit, below – my thanks to both Ricks for kindly allowing this.

Puzz Veitch's cameo uses

Artwork:  © 1985/1986, Rick Veitch.  Puzz characters:  © Rick Grimes.


3)  A couple days ago, I contacted former Joe Kubert School of Cartoon & Graphic Art student Rick Taylor (Kubert School 1976-1977) with regards to Grimes, and received the following reply (February 25, 2009):

“Rick Grimes…wow does that name bring back some memories. As I recall Rick was one of the younger guys like me (then) who attended the first two years at the Kubert school or ‘Kubie U’ as we referred to it in those days. Even then, Rick’s unique sense of humor stood out. The school was an explosion of creativity and Rick was one of those guys who sometime said more by the things he didn’t say. I remember his sense of directness and honesty. It’s great knowing he has made a place for himself and his work has definitely left a mark. Cheers, sir.”

– I must also mention the fact that Rick Taylor did both the lettering and logo work for Grimes’ “The Seed of Shock” text story, as featured in 1977’s PARADE OF GORE.


4)  Illustration as featured in 1989’s TABOO #3 introduction page for Grimes’ “Cactus Water”:

Cactus Water 'cryptogram'

Artwork:  © 1989, Rick Grimes.



Puzz-Fundles were a Canadian punk rock band active from 1985 to 1987 named after Rick’s infamous cartoon characters, ‘The Puzz Fundles’ (featured in Rick Veitch’s THE ONE series). The group consisted of Laurie Wedge (Bass), Mike Timmins (Guitar/Vocals), and Pete Timmins (Drums). Puzz-Fundles had no official releases, though did record the following:  The Basement Tapes (1986), and Live at Key West (1987). {All news to me, too, folks!} –rg

Puzz band text

Puzz band photo of

Puzz band ad (baby) copy


6)  The following small drawing of Rick’s ‘Weird Dick’ character by long-time friend Rick Veitch, originally appeared in 1977’s Magazineland U.S.A.

WDick cameo Magazineland USAArtwork:  ©?  Art circa 1977 by Rick Veitch. <> Weird Dick © 1976, Rick Grimes

February 19, 2009

1)  First, I Ryan H., would like to big thank you Stephen R. Bissette – – for generously sending me the following Grimes-related items: MANTICORE #1 (Fall 1976), and Fred Greenberg’s OMNIBUS #1 (February 1978) and #2 (April 1978). Many thanks Steve, I appreciate this very much!!

Both Grimes’ ‘Kriturz’ pieces can now be viewed in Art-pubd/early-comics, or see below:

Kriturz 1Kriturz 2

Artwork:  Kriturz ©1978, Rick Grimes.

2)  Regarding Grimes’ work in Larry Loc’s DOG*STAR FUNNIES #2:  the two characters (the Acid Dwarf and Cowpie) as featured in “Halfbaked Hockey” were created by Larry Loc; not Rick Grimes. My apologies to Larry and Rick for such mistakes.

{This was likely a hink of wording in the caption, since, as RH says, corrected}.

3)  Below is a comparison piece featuring Grimes’ {reprinted} “Elly” demon and Clive Barker’s ‘demon’, as featured in Steve Bissette’s TABOO issues #1 and #2:

ELLY compare w Barker

Artwork:  Elly ©1977, Rick Grimes.  Demon drawing © 1988, Clive Barker.

GRIMES:  “[Originally] my (Parade of Gore) back cover (“Elly” named after the partly visible label of a jelly jar)… It had nothing to do with anything or anyone but putting the ugly ‘warning’ thing on paper. All very purifying…

“The sick demonic head with its cat whiskers and baline ‘teeth’ harks back to some really disturbing creature on a Marvel Monster magazine cover painting, …in their monster boom of the mid seventies. I don’t have the magazine anymore because it bothered me! This big hell beast with a really nasty, soul-snuffing leer. …”  — December 22, 2008.

February 16, 2009

1)  First, I would like to thank 3-D computer animator and animation educator (and an old friend of Grimes), Larry Loc, for kindly mentioning this Rick Grimes fan site (with regards to Larry’s DOG*STAR FUNNIES zines, on his own site* – – on February 12, 2009 (entitled, Q.B. Student Dazes). Larry’s piece as such can now be read here (with Grimes’s “Halfbaked Hockey”):

“I just found out about this fan site out of the web dedicated to my old friend Rick Grimes. They emailed me and ask for info on a zine I published years ago. Rick and I went to the Kubert School together and I published a couple of Xerox zines with him because I dug his stuff, DogStar Funnies No. 1 and No. 2 by name.

“Here is one of Rick`s pages from issue No. 2. It features 2 of my characters drawn by Rick, the Acid Dwarf and Cowpie. Maybe I will dig out all the pages and let them post them.”  — (© 2009, Larry Loc).

– Many thanks to Larry for kindly mentioning this site, and for patiently replying to my emails, etc. Your help is much appreciated.

*{Larry’s blog has been moved. The old one here is at first still visibly readable, but has a hair trigger impulse to click back over and over to a ‘this blog has no posts’ page. Will check in w/ Larry on where he ‘is’ now soon.} –RG 10/18/’014