Sample page

POODLES… page 17 (1994)

POODLES excerpts Snarlton  pg 17

Snarlton meets agent Bluedle’s right hand mutt.

Artwork © 2015 Rick Grimes

GRIMES: “Good characters can make a struggling story a lot more fun to do (and read), and keep an artist going, sustained to the end of a project. These are good characters.

Snarlton is not quite grown up all the way yet, which is why he is shorter than the others. In human years he’d probably be around twelve or so.

Like Montgomery Clift, who has been referred to as hebephrenic (no, it’s not about hating anyone), and would sometimes eat nearly raw steaks off the floor, Snarlton likes an odd and secret snack sometimes. The slice above was picked up off the hiking trail. Tho’ he is willing to share…” –RG (3/27/’015)

<Poodles from Uranus

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