Dabs Darnko (w/ ‘Banci’)



Character & art © 2012 Vince Wright aka ‘Banci’

GRIMES: “Just want to urge any smattering of fans still about to check out this link http://dabs-darnko.blogspot.co.uk/

I’ve been writing strips for my friend and fellow cartoonist, Vince Wright to draw and ink. He’s been good enuff to use all my words down to the last letter, and is chugging along with them on a sometimes weekly basis, so read ’em while they’re nice ‘n’ fresh. There will be more, as he’s willing an’ able. (Give ‘im a break, he’s not a machine!).

All the characters are Vince’s. I’ve only thrown in a coupla names, so far, (first name ‘Dabs’, & ‘Doobney’) and some occasional layout tips (#2). Animals are a bit of a new tack for him, but he is gradually building up a cast & community of reliables we can return to for repeat larfs.

He’s gotten a later start than some of us who drew a lot as kids. But, he has an enjoyable, natural weirdness to his style and a raw, nasty-but-harmless charm that grabs the attention.

His characters often look like stunned bighead tots, abraded by too many falls onto the Sidewalks of Life.

But/so, they appeal to me a lot, (I can be hard to impress), and his varied friends. So do yourself a favour and follow along as you ‘pute at home (or in public).

There must be something good for you in ’em someplace.” –RG 5/30/’012

__ __

‘BANCI’: “I had created Dabs or rather he had formed him self through me many years ago while on one of my daily drawing binges (I still don’t know how most of my characters are created). I had a feeling that I would use him one day but wasn’t sure in what capacity. I had at one point asked a fellow cartoonist to write a story for me, but it never happened, probably due to having enough to do himself.

I asked Rick if he would be up for writing a weekly strip for me (we have collaborated on other projects before), to which he said yes. Its funny really though as I never really liked animal cartoons when I was preteen except maybe for the criminal insanity of Daffy Duck or amphetamine drive of Speedy Gonzales.

I find that Rick has a very unusual way of writing comics which I like. The first time I became aware of this is when I read ‘Joe Head’ in a comic collection that Jed Alexander had published along with some other cartoonists of equal calibre. The Joe Head strip stayed with me fresh in my mind for weeks. I had a similar experience after seeing Piet Mondrian’s “Composition C (No. III) with Red, Yellow and Blue” in the Tate Modern.

The characters Donkey Boy and Gregor for example were created from a practical drawing experiment I did a couple of years ago. I would ink straight on to the paper with no prepencil work but I had to create them in fifteen minutes flat. So even though I say that I am not into animal comics as such, a lot of these guys did seem to be created quite often.

The weekly strip is growing organically for the characters on Numba Island. Rick and I are still working out who should stay and who should be sent off to sea. But its going to be good fun finding out. I picture Numba Island as a mixed population of different races and cultures where  nobody really fits in and certainly don’t get along in harmony…after all what would the fun be in that?!”   –Vince Wright  7/2012

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