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REC 2 FILM LIST THREE STRIP (Manchurian, Gozu, K Fu Hustle) aTHE MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE (1962)  [dir. John Frankenheimer]

GRIMES: “Especially favor the ‘garden party’ variations, all scenes with the evilly merry Khigh Dhiegh, and, (skipping the [Frank] Sinatra-with-Janet Leigh blahblah), watching Raymond’s body count hit its peaks.” — RG (April 22, 2009).


GOZU (2003)  [dir. Takashi Miike]

GRIMES: “A must see. Like a modern day, Japanese Bunuel movie, genuinely surreal throughout and utterly different. Consistent in its irrationales and underneath its calm sense of time and timing, quite hilarious. Quickly and steadily became one of my favorite films. Its like are few and far between.” — RG (April 22, ’09).


KUNG FU HUSTLE (2004)  [dir. Stephen Chow]

“Get past the slightly silly dance segment in the first ten minutes, and every section of the whole opens out into broader and broader battle sequences as clever, amazing, and exciting as any comic book. With the added blending of cartoon inspirations and uniquely well-rounded fight scenes. Fun and funny!” — RG (4/22/’09).





REC 2 LIST FIVE STRIP (Acne, etc) bACNE (2000)  [dir. Rusty Nails]

“Fun purulent teen-plague ‘B’movie by/w Rusty Nails.” — RG (May 14, 2009).


FIDO (2006)  [dir. Andrew Curry]

“A boy and his zombie in a self-enclosed, retro suburbia.” — RG (5/14/09).


FREAKED (1993)  [dir. Tom Stern & Alex Winter]

“Randy Quaid’s crazy tent show including Mr. T in a dress and Derek McGrath as ‘Worm’.” — RG (5/14/09).


SHRUNKEN HEADS (1994)  [dir. Richard Elfman]    {no text} +x<?

— RG (5/14/09)


TOP of the FOOD CHAIN / aka INVASION! (1999)  [dir. John Paizs]

“Uniquely strange Canadian spoof of the aliens-in-human-disguise angle.” — RG (5/14/09).


TRAIL of the SCREAMING FOREHEAD (2007)  [dir. Larry Blamire]

“Writer & director Larry Blamire Creator of other ‘spot-on’ ‘Z’ movies, The LOST SKELETON of CADAVRA (2001) , and its forthcoming sequel.” — RG (5/14/09).






REC 2 LIST SIX STRIP (Amelie to Dead Zone) cAMELIE (2001)  [dir. Jean-Pierre Jeunet]

“A lot of fine moments–my faves when the blind man is awash in experiences and the found footage of the peg-legged man.” — RG (August 24, 2009).


BLOOD & DONUTS (1995)  [dir. Holly Dale]

“As delicious as it sounds.” — RG (8/24/09).


THE BROOD (1979)  [dir. David Cronenberg]

“Born-of-anger killer kiddies attack in their jim-jams.” — RG (8/24/09).

CEMETERY MAN (1994)  [dir. Michele Soavi]

“Curly-like ‘Gnaghi’ has ‘romance’ w/ girl’s head.” — RG (8/24/09).


THE CITY OF LOST CHILDREN (1995)  [dirs. Marc Caro, Jean-Pierre Jeunet]

“Remarkable.” — RG (8/24/09).


THE DEAD ZONE (1983)  [dir. David Cronenberg]

GRIMES: “Probably the only really good Stephen King adaptation. Seen uncounted times. Think i wanted to be that guy, at one time.” — RG (8/24/09). {The Walken character, not the guy w/ the scissors}.   :oO >:




REC 2 LIST SIX STRIP (Deli to Inches) dDELICATESSEN (1991)  [dirs. Marc Caro, Jean-Pierre Jeunet]

“Palatable cannibalism.” — RG (8/24/09).


THE ELEMENT OF CRIME (1984)  [dir. Lars Von Trier]

“Postapocalyptic noir detective story. Somnolently paced, drippily dreary and very yellow.” — RG (8/24/09).


EYES WITHOUT A FACE (1960)  [dir. Georges Franju]

“Hey, that doctor ‘appears’ in a Bugs Bunny!!” — RG (8/24/09).


THE GREAT YOKAI WAR (2005)  [dir. Takashi Miike]

“Castoff objects & spirits war w/ kid. Woman in white w/ whip! Some good oddball characters on the edges.” — RG (8/24/09).


INFERNO (1980)  [dir. Dario Argento]

“Loads of creepy atmos’. Perhaps my favorite [Dario] Argento [film], so far…” — RG (8/24/09).


KILL BY INCHES (1999)  [dirs. Diane Doniol-Valcroze, Arthur Flam]

“Brother and sister unravel after tailor father’s death. Needle each other. Make grim adjustments.” — RG (8 24 09).








REC 2 LIST SIX STRIP (Otik to Kabukiman) eLITTLE OTIK (2000)  [dir. Jan Svankmajer]

GRIMES: “Wife pines for baby, husband stumped, root’s answer.” — RG (8 24 09).


THE LONG GOOD FRIDAY (1980)  [dir. John Mackenzie]

GRIMES: “Mob brute aims for the bigtime, blows it even bigger time. Love all the changes in Hoskins’ face in the last seconds, from Mussolini arrogance to chewing on his own ferocity, swallowing his fear, and the final ‘slaughterhouse’ contrition as he realizes he’s had it.” — RG (8 24 09).

MEMENTO (2000)  [dir. Christopher Nolan]

“More a set of nested amnesiac backsteps than ‘that backwards movie’. Don’t believe you can’t follow this–well worth absorbing if only for its differentness.” — RG (8 24 09).

MR. ARKADIN (1955)  [dir. Orson Welles]

“Millionaire’s paranoia creates death & its own reward.” — RG (8 24 09).

SCANNERS (1981)  [dir. David Cronenberg]

“Head trip. Plus Patrick McGoohan’s lower key scenes.” — RG (8 24 09).

SGT. KABUKIMAN  N.Y.P.D. (1990)  [dirs. Michael Herz, Lloyd Kaufman]

“A better idea than a movie, tho it has got flying chopsticks.” — RG (8 24 09).


REC 2 LIST SEVEN STRIP (Minya to Zebraman) f.SON OF GODZILLA (1967)  [dir. Jun Fukuda]

“Cutey Minya learns to blow rings & is covered by spider webs.” — RG (82409).

SPIRAL (2000)  [dir. Higuchinsky]

“Things go all curly-whirly. ‘Jarring’.” — RG (82409).

SUSPIRIA (1977)  [dir. Dario Argento]

” ‘Fairy tale’ where evil is mostly winning. Only Dario [Argento] [film] I’ve seen in actual theatre.” — RG (82409).

TOUCH OF EVIL (1958)  [dir. Orson Welles]

“Frame-up. Watch for Dennis Weaver’s pre-Norman Bates motel worker.” — RG (82409).

VIDEODROME (1983)  [dir. David Cronenberg]

“Always like to catch Brian O’Blivion and Barry Convex.” — RG (82409).

WHAT’S UP TIGER LILY? (1966)  [dir.Woody Allen]

“Still the only way, to date, to view the source films.” — RG (824’09).

ZEBRAMAN (2004)  [dir. Takashi Miike] 

“Basically, an edgier kid’s film. But, I like the idea, and the contrived TV history the title character is imitating.” — RG (8 24 ’09).

–  All images: Public Domain.


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