Too Many Thripeys


#31a Too Many Thripeys  pg 3

#31b Too Many Thripeys  pg 8  COPY TO CROP (2)

Artwork © 2010, Rick Grimes

+GRIMES: “I made a bit of a faux pas with this page (8). The real Thripey got pushed out by storytelling necessities. The only evidence of the Puzz Fundles themselves is the back of Primitive Iggy’s head in panel two. Not a good practice to have the main characters ‘absent’ from their own farce. By the way, I found yet more Rick Grimeses on FaceBook, and am pleased to report a total lack of interest in or communication with any of them. The copycatting bums!!” — RG (April 30th, 2009).



“Early this month, (April), I was doing my first bit of ‘egosurfing’, when, to my amazement i found that not only is there a (possibly deliberate?) zombie comic book character with my name, there are also at least twenty-five other Rick Grimeses currently alive in the world.

“Floored, (or ‘ceilinged’), i went on to learn of one British fellow, ‘Something’ Rick Grimes who has a son , also named Rick Grimes. They even have some family shots up.

“Even as a kid, I was never one to believe the rather ridiculous, naive and poorly thought out little gamelike pronouncement that everybody has a double somewhere in the world. Such a ludicrous design in this world would halve the total population of distinctly unique individuals, and this Earth is nothing if not full of uniqueness.

“Maybe some ultra-dimensional and fleeting visionary incursion of some surlier, (if that’s possible), me.

“Maybe a lookalike—even one person with my name, but twenty-five??

“I realize I’m no B. Janglo Ambercromby, but, I ain’t no Joe Smith neither!

“To top all this, the new story I had then just begun working on, called, “Too Many Thripeys”, is about…well, guess.

“And my sister had, within only a few days of this surfing jazz, told me she’d had an uncommonplace dream of seeing two of me, practically in the same room, only feet or minutes apart.

“After I told her of my new ‘family’ of namesakes, she joked, ‘I told you not to put your monitor in front of that mirror!’

“Hope they’re all having a good time. We should all have an industrial, reunion-style picnic. A ‘ricknic’ , if we will.

“Then, as usual, I can be the one who fails to attend.” — RG (April 30th, 2009).

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